Tales of the Elven Princesses

This Fictional Universe begins with Newblood & the Ice Princess and its sequel The Ice Princess & the Immortal Protector and a third to make it a trilogy. From these Young Adult stories, the universe splits off into Ophelia’s stories and Bianca’s stories as Adults.  Also, there may be other stories for other characters as time goes on.

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Ophelia’s stories after the first Young Adult novels will include The Ice Princess in the titles.  They primarily involve her efforts to find others of her kind throughout the world and protect them and their allies from the bad guys.

Bianca’s stories will include An American Elf in the titles.  These will cover her adventures through Time Travel, starting with how she meets her future husband, a pureblood elf, and makes her first Jump.  Adventures will include stops in Ancient Egypt and Greece, Sherwood Forest, Tudor England, and the Old West, among others.

This fictional universe can best be described as Urban Fantasy, since they involve traditional fantasy creatures, elves, in modern, real life settings.  However, they rarely take place in cities or entirely in modern time periods.  I prefer the label Contemporary Fantasy.

Also, I’m not into Gaming, so please don’t expect these stories to reflect that.

Another departure from Urban Fantasy and other Paranormal stories is the issue of Magic.  It doesn’t exist in this fictional universe.  The extraordinary abilities of my characters are naturally occurring.  For example, Bianca was born with a talent for Time Travel, just as a regular, pureblood human might be born with a talent for Music.  In this universe, elves are simply another race of humanoids, much like an alien race in Science Fiction.  There are other traditional fantasy/paranormal creatures too, like vampires and bear-shifters, but never any magic.

Further, my elves are not immortal, but extremely long lived compared to regular humans.  Honestly, I haven’t figured out how that relates to Bianca, since she is not bound to the Proper Timeline.

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