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I only post positive reviews, because I don’t have time to read or write reviews for books which are not my cup of tea.  And I really like my tea.EndoftheMagi

The books I now review are ones I bought or borrowed from the library.  Sometimes I find books through the book tour blogs I host for.  If I have trouble downloading a title, my policy is to abort the project.  I don’t have time for that frustration.  This is why I am no longer with Netgalley.  There are way too many easier ways to find books to read.  If you have a recommendation for an upcoming release, I can preorder.

I received my first print ARC from the publisher and through a blog tour for The End of the Magi by Patrick W. Carr.  I found it so much easier on my eyes than eBooks, and I have nothing against eBooks.  Heck, I’m an eBook author.  Nevertheless, until I can find an easier eBook reader, I prefer print copies.  Thanks.

I don’t accept Erotica or Horror and I’m sick of Alpha Clones and Kick-Butt Knock-Offs.  And please don’t even bother me with novels in which a selfish jerk is magically transformed into a faithful mate by means of fantastic nookie.  I’ve been happily married way too long to buy into that crap.

*December 2018*   These are old reviews, some from a very old book review blog.  I haven’t categorized reviews from the past couple of years.



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