Books of Mine…

…and where to find them.

I tend to think of my stories in terms of fictional universes in which they all run together.  I also tend to work on two, completely unrelated projects at once.  That way, if one becomes emotionally overwhelming I can switch to the other and not stop writing.

The Tales of the Elven Princesses   a YA Contemporary Fantasy series


Newblood & the Ice Princess is on sale now. Click on this link to find your favorite online bookstore-   Newblood & the Ice Princess at Books2Read

Also find my stories here-   Kimber Li on Goodreads

The short story prequel can be found for FREE on the sister-blog to this site-   The Finding of the Ice Princess at Tales of the Elven Princesses


Additionally, the Finding of the Ice Princess is now available at

About 10% of Newblood & the Ice Princess is available for free at Wattpad too.


Keepers of the Sacred Code   a Contemporary Romance series

I’ve put the release of Jack & the Very Proper Nanny off yet again, this time due to a lack of funds for a professional edit.  Oh, well.  Gives me more time to really get this newly renovated blog established.

promo2 Jack & the very proper nanny

Here’s the blurb

Jack wants to play a hero in the movies. Robin needs a real one.

Jack’s an overgrown schoolboy kind of actor who owns his house only because his mother invested his inheritance well. His puerile crush on Robin is instant, but she’s a dignified, professionally trained nanny. And married.

After Mom has a stroke, Jack’s friends attend an A-lister’s party instead. He’s rushed to the hospital by his director, Bobby Zhang, who turns out to be Robin’s honorary big brother. Life suddenly becomes clear. She peeks at Jack from the vending machine room but slips away.

Robin fell for Jack years before when he stopped shooting a scene to rescue a kitten from a dumpster. She was fearless back then, but also wanted a family. And he wasn’t qualified for the role of husband.
Robin is widowed. Jack is landed with a surprise bundle of joy. Bobby’s secret society recruits Robin to be Jack’s nanny. They charge him with protecting her in Australia while they investigate her husband’s death.

Jack finds Robin’s heart shrouded in grief, even as she lavishes love on his daughter. Learning to patiently bring her fierce heart back to life under the harsh light of public scrutiny, however, pales to the threat of a killer still on the loose.