Characters Without Stories

They’re like lost puppies, poor things.  Ever once in a while, I’ll accidentally create one and then he’ll just sit there, waiting. For example, I created a really great character to play Bianca’s leading man in An American Elf.  But, he didn’t turn out to be a good counterpoint for her.  So, Brandr got the…

‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ Star Trek Next Gen

I’m working on the rules for my own Time Travel story, so I’m watching and reading a lot of other Time Travel stories.  That includes Star Trek.  In fact, almost all of my favorite episodes are Time Travel ones. After watching ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ a bazillion times, I think what really bumps it over similar tales…

The Hero in Disguise

Like Zorro, the hero in An American Elf lives a double-life, hiding his true identity, his true species.  This is an Alternate Timeline story in which elves are virtually extinct and Brandr (the hero) has hidden among humans for hundreds of years.  Now, he’s encountered his time traveling wife again, but she doesn’t know him….

Watching Your Characters Grow Up

*This is a picture of me with my youngest child.  She’s big enough to steal my shoes and walk right out the door now.* Maybe it’s because I’m a mom, but I have to write stories in which the characters start out immature in whatever way and then grow up. No one is born an…

A Girl Who Reads

Super busy week, so I’ll just say this. Girls, marry Samwise Gamgee, if you want to live happily ever after.  Loyalty, kindness, and humor are forever.  😉  Twenty years with mine now, so just trust me.;jsessionid=6DFDA1FC4C4254C97012ED9D4F17A1AA.prodny_store01-atgap03?ean=9780544445789