The Books I Ordered from Harlequin

Good morning, Blog Buds! Long time, no write, but you know how Real Life can be, especially during a freakin’ pandemic. Anyway, I finally placed a new order to Harlequin and below are the lovely new stories. Hopefully, I’ll be reviewing them here soon.

This one even has moose! I actually waited to place this order until this book was released. Beth is a favorite author and you will find several of her books reviewed here.

A Historical Romance set in the 1920s by a favorite author! Could not possibly resist. Yes, you will find more reviews of Lauri’s books here too.

The fact is I don’t read Inspirational Romantic Suspense by any other publisher. Cozy Mystery, yes. Romantic Suspense, no. Other imprints and publishers lack the variety of characters and situations you’ll find in Love Inspired Suspense. Not to mention puppies!

Hey, it had the word ‘Alaska’ in the title!

If you’re sensing a common theme in most of these books, you’d be right. Well, it’s because I bagged my own Alaskan Man decades ago. I’m kinda fond of the theme. Here’s my story- How to Bag an Alaska Man – Kimber Li (

Side Note: The Alaskan Economy is not doing as well as it was when I bagged my man, so proceed with extra caution if you go this route.

My daily real life is easing up, so I’m hoping to start reviewing again. I have two vulnerable adults and two children to take care of, but they’re all doing better.

This book is a hold over from my last purchase and I’m planning on reviewing it next, in fact.

Happy reading, Blog Buds! Romance is a fabulous way to remember that life can get better and we really can live happily ever after. So hang in there.

Be Brave, Be Kind.