Planning the Cowboy Baby Homestead

Well, howdy there!

Good morning, Blog Buds. Isn’t 2021 turning out to be so much fun already? If you’re a history buff too, you understand the sarcasm in that question. If you’re a history buff, like me, you’re not at all surprised. You know it’s going to get worse for at least this year before it starts to get better. And that’s an optimistic assessment. (My predictions tend to give humanity the benefit of the doubt, which means crap tends to fly faster than I predict. Sorry. Can’t seem to help myself.) ‘Cause, you know, there was World WarI which slid into the Flu Pandemic of 1918, and then it was pretty good for a few years and then CRASH! We had the Great Depression which lasted, oh, about ten years.

If you’re not a history buff, become one. It’ll save you a lot of unnecessary angst. You’ll see crap coming off the fan way ahead of everyone else and you’ll know it’s time to duck and plant a bigger garden. If you want to catch up in a hurry, check out HISTORY | Watch Full Episodes of Your Favorite Shows You can also find the episodes on YouTube. Besides the historical events just mentioned, check out (7) Typhoid Mary | The Original Asymptomatic Super-Spreader – YouTube

Scared people do stupid stuff, regardless of political affiliation and the extreme measure thereof. (Anger is often a smokescreen for fear.) One of those things is to convince themselves they really know what’s going on and then hate on anyone who disagrees.

And then they’re shocked when reality bites them in the face like they couldn’t have seen it shambling towards them like a really lazy zombie. If only they’d paid attention.

But you’re not into the adrenaline rush of constant drama. It’s just another drug and you’d rather keep yourself firmly in reality where you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

(7) Great Depression Cooking – YouTube

So, here’s my tip for the day. I learned during Lockdown last Spring that doing something concrete and practical really helped me stay focused and unafraid. That’s what spurred me to finally learn how to garden. As you can imagine, I’ve gotten started early this time. Yesterday, I went out and bought T-posts, poultry wire, and a stainless steel can for storing animal feed.

The stores where I live are just starting to put this stuff out. There are a lot of empty shelves. Remember, people are going to panic buy when they finally notice the Reality Zombie shuffling towards them. I expect that’ll happen sooner rather than later this time. Last year, it was baby chicks. This year, I suspect it’ll be gardening supplies. Do your homework, because this will depend on where you live! Be the first in line to stock up, which means you need to do your planning now. If you haven’t already.

Spend your stimulus check with extreme care.

I remember a story about a lady who grew up in the Great Depression. The first thing she did when World War II broke out was go buy her son a banana. She knew it would likely be his last one for many years. Don’t be afraid to buy yourself and your loved ones a metaphoric banana too. Just in case. But be careful about it.

Okay, so my next task is to learn more about Succession Planting Succession Planting – Vegetable Gardening Tips & Tricks – Burpee

So my family will have fresh veggies to eat all summer long.

We’re not going to make the mistake of believing we already know everything, right? Nope. We’re going to accept that we do not. We’re going to diligently learn, right? Awesome.

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Be Brave, Be Kind.