Homeschool Holiday, Ha!

The days of Christmas breaks are over, buttercup. You’re a homeschool parent. We never rest, are rarely encouraged, and almost never thanked. You want an easy job that pays well and wins you lots of praise? Try rock star, ’cause that’s way more important than ensuring that the next generation has what it takes to not blow us all to heck, right?

Welcome to paradise, you glutton for punishment.

Have you signed your little darling up for outside the home classes yet? Remember, you gotta do that the instant sign-ups become available. Art classes are usually plentiful. Something really trendy, like my daughter’s rock-climbing class, not so much. Of course, there’s always the possibility that your community will go on pandemic lockdown or your family into quarantine and all that effort and money you spend will go to waste. But, here’s to hopin’ it all works out so your poor child doesn’t have her heart broken and end up terribly lonely because of a stinkin’ little virus we can’t even see.

Reality Check. I love Homeschool Coop. But. The operative word is ‘coop,’ which is short for cooperative. The fact is I’m so exhausted by two high-needs adults in my family, in addition to everything else in my life, that I don’t have the time or energy to cooperate with other homeschoolers right now. Also, some coops are more vigilant than others when it comes to health. So, yeah, putting that on hold until Spring.

I sincerely hope the local schools will have sorted things out and my girl can return to regular school next year. Pandemics stink in so many ways.


Curriculum. How is yours working out for you? Ours is fine, but some of it needs a little tweaking. My girl tends to rush through things that don’t interest her. With homeschooling, we have the luxury of shifting things around to accommodate her interests. But, we still need to make sure certain things get done.

So I’m switching from a Charlotte Mason approach to Science to a workbook curriculum, although we’ll still use that method for History and Literature. I haven’t settled on the new Science Curriculum, but probably something from Alpha Omega. They’re very good with independent learning. Homeschool Curriculum – AOP Homeschooling

Writing. Our local schools were wonderful, back in the day, but they were overcrowded for that very reason. Tons of families were always moving in because, hey, we had good schools. Well, it’s just hard to teach writing in an overcrowded classroom. As a result, my girl now needs extra help in that area. Since I’m a writer, not a problem. With a good curriculum. I chose this one.

This is in addition to our regular Language Arts curriculum, which simply wasn’t strong enough for my kid in this area.

Here’s a great review-

Writing Strands (

Hands down, the most challenging thing right now is social interaction. We all get that, right? It’s challenging for homeschoolers anyway, but they’ve come up with genius ways to handle it. Now, everything is just ten times harder for everyone. And that’s no joke.

Am I optimistic about 2021? Well…as a homeschool mom, yeah. Like I said, we live in a great school district. They are doing a fabulous job adapting (my son does fine in it) and will continue to adapt. I foresee their biggest challenge as staff shortages. As a History Buff, I predict a severe economic recession. Sorry. Once the excitement of the presidential inauguration wears off, reality will set in. So, please, take this opportunity to teach your children self-sufficiency skills, like cooking from scratch, strict budgeting, and gardening. They’re gonna need it.

Gosh, I’m just a little ray of sunshine this morning, right?

Be Brave, Be Kind.