Weird Eggs

Part of the fun of having a variety of breeds, not purebreds, in a home flock is you never know what exactly will turn up in the nesting box. Check this out. See that dinosaur egg on the right? It was laid by the same hen who laid the one on the bottom. Ouch! It’s a double-yolker, by the way. The pink egg was laid by a Rhode Island Red (obviously not a purebred) who usually lays light brown eggs. The dark brown egg at the top was laid by my Black Copper Maran who also lays double-yolkers sometimes. The pale blue egg on the left was laid by my Cream Legbar. As you can see, they’re not pristinely clean right out of the nest box either. Your store-bought eggs are bleached, and they’re also about a month old by the time you eat them. These eggs are “fresh-squeezed!” It helps to keep the nest box clean and with fresh pine shavings or straw. The egg comes out of the hen with a special coating to protect it from bacteria and such. I clean them differently than store-bought eggs. Anyway, weird eggs are fun eggs and normal is boring.

Be Brave, Be Kind.