Autumn Update & the Color of Love

Good morning, Blog Buds! Sorry I’ve been so distracted by real life for the past few months. Gosh, what could have possibly turned things upside down all over the world? Don’t answer that. Let’s think happy thoughts here. Check out that pretty new book up there! You can find it at Tule Publishing –

Yes, I’m still learning WordPress’s new block editor, and I’m not very happy with it either.

Remember those little fuzz-balls I bought this past Spring?

This isn’t all of them. I bought ten altogether. Anyway, they’re big girls now! Except one. There’s a saying, “Crowing hens come to bad ends.” Instead of tossing our crowing hen on the barbecue, however, we simply gave him to my brother and sister-in-law, along with some of the real hens. They live out in the boonies and don’t need to worry about neighborhood rules regarding roosters. Now, he has lots of girlfriends and gets to free-range every day. Of course, he also needs to worry about skunks and coyotes. But, that’s a different story. Check out the pretty eggs my hens are laying for us.

I’ve never seen a green-speckled egg before! And I’m no spring chicken.

The dark brown egg on the upper left is from the Black Copper Maran. She’s a French breed so I named her Josephine.

I think the green-speckled egg came from one of the Cream Legbar hens who were supposed to lay blue eggs, but you never know exactly what you’re getting when you order chicks from a hatchery. You need to order direct from a breeder if you want a pure breed. But, that egg could have come from the Easter Egger who is, technically, more of a mongrel. We’ll see. If blue eggs start appearing in the nesting box, we’ll know. The Easter Egger’s name is Dorothy, because the short version of that name is Dot. She’s a black and white spotted bird. I let my children name the Cream Legbars, which explains while they’re called ‘Smidvark & the Gang.’ Apparently, they were inspired by ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’

Yep, my children are extremely well-read too.


My Autumn Plans include releasing my very first never-before-published novel, hopefully the first week of October. More on that later.

September, October, and November will focus on Contemporary and Historical Fiction of particular interest to Intelligent Ladies Who Love Babies. Click on the link of the same name in the Top Menu to learn more about this group of readers and what I try to provide for them here.

December I will switch to Fantasy, because my next own novel is in that genre. The trouble is finding novels in the Fantasy Genre that aren’t all dark and depressing. Real life is hard enough right now without shoveling more of that on top of it too. In any case, my next novel will be the next book in the Tales of the Elven Princesses, more on that later.

Aw, sisterly love.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading and reviewing, spotlighting and hosting book tours, and otherwise blabbing about great books and how to find them, and, you know, other stuff. But, I will try to stay focused, really, really I will try really hard.



Sundays will be for updates, just so you know.

What’s with the title for this post? Gosh, I don’t know. I just thought ‘the Color of Love’ sounded pretty.

Okay, here’s my new closing words for posts, because it takes a lot of courage to be nice in such a cruel, self-absorbed world.

Be Brave, Be Kind.


P.S. *added 9/21* Forgot to mention, this Tuesday I’ll be starting a new series of posts called ‘Starts With A Good Book.’ These will likely be monthly and the topic is Homeschooling. Never thought I’d do that again! The pandemic has changed everything. And Darwin got at least one thing right, those who adapt survive.