Resurrecting the Cowboy Baby Homestead



Spuds, that is, potatoes.   GARDEN ANYWHERE at Goodreads


I see an overgrown garden that has not been tended in years, a corral fence falling over, and an old barn collapsing, and I smile, imagining the many wonderful stories these things have seen through the years.


And then I am sad to realize the people who left them are gone, either to Heaven or moved away for other adventures.  Hard for me to imagine a better adventure than the great out-of-doors, but, hey, that’s me.  I understand everyone’s bliss is different.


So far this Spring, I’ve been working hard at bringing my suburban backyard farm to life.  But there’s more to come.  It’s only May 29th, you know.  BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO RAISING CHICKENS at Goodreads


I haven’t even gotten to the RV yet?  We may spend part of the summer in tent too.  It’s easier to put the RV up in one place and leave it there, and then go do the same thing with the big 8-person tent elsewhere.  I’ve been learning all sorts of cool things about camping, like how to build a DIY Air Conditioner.  This is so cool, literally and metaphorically.  CAMPING AC by Tiffany Outdoors on YouTube

Check out my favorite RV resources in this post from my experimental blog-   RV Adventures to Alaska

Stay Safe & Be Kind