Spotlight: HEAD OVER PAWS by Debbie Burns


*Note from Kimber Li*   I signed up for this tour, but the materials the publisher sent me were unusable.  The promo materials from this publisher are often difficult to use.  This is not the author’s fault, so I’m posting a Spotlight instead.


Olivia Graham has signed on as a volunteer rescue driver for the High Grove Animal Shelter. Her first task is to transport dogs and cats that’ve been misplaced by flooding, but her aging car breaks down on the way to get them.

She’s picked up by veterinarian Gabe Wentworth, former EMT and firefighter, who’s also heading to the rescue site. After a bad breakup, Gabe’s embraced the hermit life. When he picks up Olivia, he can’t deny their irresistible mutual attraction, and his first thought is to run the other direction. But the more animals they help, the harder they fall for each other…

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