Review: AN ALASKAN TWIN SURPRISE by Belle Calhoune


This is a Runaway Bride Comes Home story.  If jilting your dearest at the altar never made sense to you, this is a good one to read.  People tie the knot for all sorts of stupid, selfish reasons (and divorce just as quickly), but Rachel and Gabriel had very good reasons to settle down.  Their relationship had already stood the test of some time when the wedding bells got ready to ring.

Then, Rachel just left and Gabriel struggled for several years to understand why.  By the time she came back, he still hadn’t connected the dots.  I’ve been married long enough to know why, by the time she told him.

Sometimes we miss the beat with our spouses because we assume too much, or too little, based on our own feelings.  One of the harsh realities of life is sometimes that can have tragic consequences.

But, don’t worry, this is a Romance novel, which means you can rest assured that the couple will work through their issues and live happily ever after.

Rachel and Gabriel are living, breathing people surrounded by friends and family you’d you already knew because they’re so real too.  Also, small town Alaska is a very cool place to be, literally and figuratively.

Good story, better get it, whether you’re crazy about Alaskan Romance Novels or not, because also there are babies.  Two of ’em.  I love babies.


The family he was supposed to have…

His runaway bride is back…

With twins!

The last person Gabriel Lawson expects to find in town is Rachel Marshall—especially with twin toddlers in tow. Gabriel refuses to risk his heart again on the woman who left him at the altar years ago. But working to renovate her mother’s house means he must spend time with Rachel and her adorable twins…and soon he can’t help but wish they were his family.


Better check out Belle’s other books too, she’s getting quite a backlist built up!  You can find them at the Harlequin website by clicking on her name.  Or you can visit her own website.   Belle Calhoune

One of her stories was even turned into a movie!  LOVE ALASKA on Amazon