ALASKA for Two Weeks


Good morning, Blog Buds!  I’m starting two weeks of posts of favorite things regarding Alaska.  Why?  Because it’s quite simply the most awesome state in the United States of America.  I mean, seriously, there’s no other place like it, the jaw-dropping awesomeness means a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for many.  For me, it was the perfect place to learn How to Bag an Alaskan Man


and it was the magic which made our family.  We live in the Lower 48 States now and, gosh, I miss it.

This makes Alaska Romance novels special to me and two of my favorite authors just released new novels this month.  I’ll be Spotlighting others, as well.

To begin with, I heartily recommend my favorite Alaskan reality series.  It should totally get you ready for this series of posts! That’s it’s banner at the top of this post.  This one’s about a bunch of cityslickers from the Lower 48 dropped off in the middle of the Alaska with minimal survival training.  We quickly learn that skills, of which they have few, alone won’t save them and it’s interesting to see who actually makes it to the end.  Here’s the trailer from the Discovery Channel on YouTube-   The Alaska Experiment

You can probably find the show and buy it in several places, like Amazon, but here’s the link to it on iTunes-

Stay Safe & Be Kind.

And be back tomorrow for my Spotlight of a new story set in Alaska by one of my favorite authors.