The Gift of Cockleberry Bay FINAL COVER

The Gift of Cockleberry Bay
From the author of the #1 BESTSELLING The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay

All of our favourite characters from Cockleberry Bay are back in this final, heart warming story in the series. Including Hot, Rosa Smith’s adorable dachshund and his new-born puppies.

Now successfully running the Cockleberry Café and wishing to start a family herself, Rosa feels the time is right to let her inherited Corner Shop go. However, her benefactor left one important legal proviso: that the shop cannot be sold, only passed on to somebody who really deserves it.

Rosa is torn. How can she make such a huge decision? And will it be the right one? Once the news gets out and goes public, untrustworthy newcomers appear in the Bay . . . their motives uncertain. With the revelation of more secrets from Rosa’s family heritage, a new journey of unpredictable and life-changing events begins to unfold.

The Gift of Cockleberry Bay concludes this phenomenally successful series in typically brisk and bolshy style and will delight the many thousands of Rosa’s fans
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The Gift of Cockleberry Author

Author Bio –
Nicola May lives in the UK, five miles from the Queen’s castle in Windsor, with her black-and-white rescue cat, Stan. Her hobbies include watching films that involve a lot of swooning, crabbing in South Devon and devouring cream teas.
Her bestselling The Corner Shop in Cockleberry, the 1st book in the Cockleberry Bay series, went to #1 on Amazon and stayed there for an unprecedented 6 weeks.
She classes her novels as ‘chicklit with a kick,’ writing about love, life and friendships in a real, not fluffy kind of way. She likes burgers, mince pies, clocks, birds, bubble baths and facials – but is not so keen on aubergines.

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Extract from The Gift of Cockleberry Bay where baby Theo has to be rushed to hospital…

Ritchie and Titch sat in the consulting room at Ulchester General, awaiting the results of Theo’s X-ray. Ritchie’s hand was turning white from the force with which his wife-to-be was gripping on to him. He, of course, said nothing.

Ben Burton, Theo’s dad and son of Alec Burton, was at the end of his phone waiting for the news. They were all praying that it wasn’t the same Volvulus from which the little lad had suffered previously and which had caused his bowel to twist and give him so much pain.

‘It will be all right, won’t it, Ritch? He’s going to be fine, isn’t he?’ Titch gently stroked Theo’s black curls. He had thankfully cried himself to sleep and was now lying peacefully in the carry cot next to them, making little snuffling noises as he breathed.

Ritchie kissed the young girl’s forehead. ‘Yes, of course it will, darling. They know him now and they sorted him before, didn’t they? And Ben’s on standby if they did need any more blood, which they won’t as they already told us they have a good supply of it, despite it being such a rare group. They are all prepared.’ He carefully moved his hand from her vice-like grip and placed it on her knee. ‘And look at him. He’s not in pain now, is he?’

Titch jumped as the door flew open. The harassed and tired-looking young doctor held out his hand to her. ‘Fielding, Dr Fielding. Mrs Whittaker?’

‘Er, no, it’s Miss, but I’m soon to be Mrs Rogers actually.’

‘Mr Whittaker, good afternoon to you.’ Ritchie felt no need to correct the blustering doctor again as he continued, ‘When did he last have a bowel movement? Theo, I mean, not you.’ He looked at Ritchie without so much as a smile.

Titch had to giggle. ‘Erm, yesterday afternoon,’ she told the doctor, ‘so I was wondering–’
Dr Fielding held up a hand and stopped her in her tracks. ‘Did you notice anything missing when you tidied up his toys last night?’

Ritchie started to laugh as the doctor held up the X-ray to show them. ‘If I’m not mistaken, that looks distinctly like a plastic car. A very tiny one, for sure, but most definitely a car. I can’t believe he didn’t choke on it.’

‘Oh my God, I told you to watch him.’ Titch began, then added: ‘Sorry, Ritchie, I was only saying the other day that you have to have eyes in the back of your bottom when you’ve got a little toddler.’

‘So, it’s not Volvulus then?’ Ritchie asked.

‘It looks more like a Mini to me.’ The doctor then said, reassuringly, ‘I’ve got a young daughter, so don’t beat yourself up about it, but at this age you have to watch them like a hawk as they do tend to put everything into their mouths.’

‘So, what do we need to do now?’ Ritchie wanted to know.

‘You don’t need to do anything, but keep an eye on his nappy. It shouldn’t pain him to pass the toy now that it’s moved down. A big poo and he’ll be as right as rain.’ The doc smiled. ‘What a shame that isn’t the answer to all our problems.’

With that Theo let out a long grumbly fart.

‘Looks like the garage doors might be opening sooner than we thought,’ Ritchie stated, much to everyone’s amusement and Titch’s immense relief.