Spotlight: WARTIME FARM by Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman, & Alex Langlands


WARTIME FARM at Goodreads

This is an extremely useful and valuable book.  Seriously, get yourself one if at all possible.  To see what I mean, first watch the Historical Reality show it’s based on.


I’ve mentioned this one before, but now it’s really prominent in my mind.  As I’ve said before, I’m a History Buff and my major interests in History are Connections (like how the USA probably wouldn’t exist if not for Anne Boleyn)

Anne Boleyn on Wikipedia800px-Anne_boleyn

and Practical History, which is how ordinary people lived.

This is why I did not freak out over the Toilet Paper Shortage.

But I did order my new chickens early and whatever egg-laying breeds were available at the time, just in case there was a shortage later when I’d planned to order.  Which there was.  Newsweeks “Feathery Friends”

Meet My New Flock of Chicks

A good, working knowledge of History can save a person a lot of unnecessary angst.  Of course, it can be really challenging to find an accurate source of Historical Events, since most people nowadays choose to believe and promote whatever history, or twisting thereof, makes them feel good about what they already believe or want others to believe.  This really muddies the water when it comes to usefulness.  To quote Wesley in THE PRINCESS BRIDE-

“Life is pain, Highness!  Anyone who says differently is selling something.”


The fact is most British food was imported at the start of World War II and the Nazis destroyed boats bringing food to Great Britain.  If the British didn’t start producing their own food again, they would be starved into surrender to Hitler.

Wartime Farm is the story of exactly how the British won that particular battle.  It provides all sorts of useful details, like how to stuff pockets of cloth and sew them together to make a new bed-covering for a refugee.  Children, mothers of young ones, the elderly, and such were evacuated from the cities, which took a lot of the bombing during The Blitz.

If you’re an American, odds are very good that you were provided a very lousy History education in our public schools.  I won’t go into the very irritating reasons why this is likely true. So sorry about that. Totally not your fault.  However, if you remain ignorant of History, it’s on you.  Also, right now would not be a good time to shrug it off.  Ordinarily, I would send you to your local public library.  Mine’s closed and yours probably is too.  That should scare you right there.  The Internet is still up and running, however.  Like I said, you can pop over and watch Wartime Farm on YouTube.  Also, there are many websites, like The Imperial War Museums.  Check ’em out, you’ll be glad you did.  Just be careful with what you believe, cross-check the sources against each other, look for professional affiliations going back many decades.  Also, there are plenty of people who still know how to do things like make bread from scratch and without yeast.  Open your eyes, ears, and hearts and learn from them.  While you’re likely to know some in your own home, there are many YouTube Channels and magazines, like   Mother Earth News


Pop on over and check it out.

Be Safe & Stay Kind.


P.S. When you check out the Goodreads blurb for WARTIME FARM, click on the authors’ names for a wealth of other excellent Practical History stuff.