Who Made My Quarterly Harlequin Order?


Good morning, Blog Buds.  I’ve explained in a previous post How & What I Order From Harlequin

So, I won’t go over that again.  Suffice it to say, Harlequin has an excellent loyalty rewards program.

Did one of your favorite authors make my list this time?  Searching for some feel-good stories?  Read on.

This choice (top cover art) should come as no surprise, if you read this blog at all.  I love Alaskan Romance because that’s the magic which made my own family.  And Belle Calhoune is one of my favorites.  AN ALASKAN TWIN SURPRISE by Belle Calhoune

And another Alaskan Romance by another favorite author!  I’ve been into reading favorites lately.  It’s kinda like eating comfort food when you’re under a lot of stress.  ALASKAN DREAMS by Beth Carpenter


And this one has a baby goat on it!  I love baby goats.  I love babies.  Well, you know that.

And for my Historical choice, I’m totally into the 1920s right now, well, not totally, but you know.  The last book I read by this author was on of my all-time favorites, because it all had a baby.  Don’t know if this one does yet, but it does have a Flapper.  FLAPPER’S FAKE FIANCE by Lauri Robinson


Baby!  Oh, I love babies.  More babies please.  Baby goats, baby chickens, baby anything, really, but especially baby humans.  Gosh, I don’t think I’ve read anything by this author before either.  TO SAVE A CHILD by Linda Warren


Could this be another new author to me?  I tend to avoid Romance novel characters with perfect-looking heroes and heroines on them (unless he or she is holding a baby, of course) and am attracted to ones that don’t fit the stereotype.  Let’s face it, none of us our perfect in real life.  I can’t relate to what society considers ‘perfect.’  I understand the whole fantasy escapism thing, but at a certain point I just…can’t.  Sorry.  So, I saw this one and grabbed it.   HER SECOND FOREVER by Joanna Sims

secondforeverI was able to apply two coupons to this order, plus get shipping free because it was over $20.  This order also earned me enough Reward Points to get two FREE eBooks.  I like to use my reward points to get older books and here they are-


Zorro, the Princess Bride, if you love those old swashbuckling romances, you probably totally get why I’ve had this one on my Wishlist for a while.   Also, I’ve read Allie’s books before.  MASKED BY MOONLIGHT by Allie Pleiter

And finally


I’m sure this choice doesn’t surprise you in the least by now, right?  I believe she’s another new author to me, but at this point I’ve read so many books in life I really couldn’t say for sure.   BOUNTY HUNTER’S BABY by Erica Vetsch

If you’ve never read a Romance genre novel, now’s a good time to try one.  The one essential requirement for this genre is a happy ending.  I highly recommend.

Stay Safe & Be Kind.



  1. YAY. Thanks for adding An Alaskan Twin Surprise to your list. You have a lot of great books there. Enjoy!


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