Quail, If You Can’t Have a Rooster, or Chickens At All



Disclaimer:   I have not read this book yet.

Baby chicks are selling out nationwide, as are eating eggs from the grocery store.  I’d planned to start a new flock this spring, but the pandemic added a new urgency.  We only need one laying hen per person in the family, but some of my extended family couldn’t get out to get their birds.  I ordered some for them too.  And I did pay for more expensive breeds, although I was blessed with the Rhode Island Red chicks this past weekend.  Check out this article from Newsweek about baby chicks selling fast.

The nice thing about chickens is the grow up fast and reproduce themselves.  If you can only raise three pullets (female baby chicks) don’t worry, they’ll provide you with more in a few months.

If you can keep a rooster.

Most cities and neighborhoods won’t allow roosters, because they’re noisy.  Check your local ordinances and rules.

In that case, I suggest Quail.

Disclaimer:   I’ve never raised Quail.

Quail are too skittish to be pets, but they’re fine with living in tighter quarters and the noise they make do not typically annoy the neighbors.

Again, you may have challenging time finding some chicks, but Quail do reproduce even more quickly than chickens.

I think Quail are worth looking into and I may end up getting some one day too.

Stay Healthy & Be Kind.