Make Do & Mend


This is a vintage guide from World War II Britain.  MAKE DO AND MEND on Amazon

“Make do and mend” was a saying popular in the first half of the 20th century, you know, because there was that pesky Flu Pandemic going on that killed about 10% of the world’s population.  Nobody wanted to talk about it because World War I was also going on.  No wonder people really kicked up their heels and went crazy during the Roaring 20s.  But, then, there was the Great Depression and World War II.  Fun times.  Not.


If you’re struggling right now, I suggest cracking open your history books.  I’m a history buff, most fascinated by the connections between points of history, like how the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn led to the founding of the United States.  Gasp!  Really? Yup.  Check out her effect on the Protestant Reformation without which my country might not have come to be or it would have been very different.


Anne Boleyn at Wikipedia

The other thing which fascinates me about history is how ordinary people lived day to day.  How did they cook their food?  Get to work?  Wipe their backsides? All this is coming in mighty handy nowadays.  If you don’t have the books and your library is shut down, like mine, head over to YouTube or even The Gutenberg Project for free Public Domain eBooks.  Besides living history channels, like Townsends there’s plenty of channels by people who know practical skills because they enjoy it.  And they have got some skills, believe me.  Check out this one- Woodland Elf’s How to Sew By Hand

You’re probably running out of paper goods by now, like paper towels.  If you don’t have enough dish towels, cut up a bath towel or a bed sheet.  I keep old scraps of fabric for just such an occasion.

I remember back in the lean years, my husband would complain about how poor we were and I would say, “Don’t be silly.  We can still afford toilet paper.”  Because I grew up truly poor and TP was a luxury.  Hard times makes you tough and resourceful.

We’re gonna be okay.  We’ll get through this and we’ll have tons of new skills and confidence for the future.

Hang in there and be safe.