Meals Out of Leftovers

There are certain meals most of us don’t realize we’re probably created just to use up leftovers by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  I hate to cook, but I’m cooking from scratch a lot right now.  And baking a lot too.  But I do like to bake.  I have a large family and they’re constantly hungry.  The following are some meals you can make to use up leftovers, because wasting is a bad idea when you don’t know when you can get to the grocery store or if there’ll be anything when you get there.  These meals can be adapted for whatever leftovers you have.


How to Make Momma’s Meatloaf


Poor Man’s Soup

Pot Pie

How to Make an Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Fried Rice

5 Minutes Easy Egg Fried Rice


20 Casserole Recipes

Okay, here’s a super easy meal to use up leftovers!  It uses pancake mix, which I always have plenty of because, you know, kids, but any biscuit recipe can be used.  There’s usually one on the back of every baking powder can.  You can use any meat with this (canned chicken, leftover taco burger, hot dogs, Spam, sandwich turkey) and throw in vegetables too.  Squirt a little ketchup on it and my kids wolf it down.

Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie

There are many more!  If you don’t have your own grandma this side of heaven, check out this lady whose grandson recorded her wisdom for all of us.  I can watch her videos on YouTube all day long.