Home With The Kids


HAND-PRINT ANIMAL ART at Goodreads was one of the best art books from when my children were little.  There are many others for older children and teens, as well.  Remember, you can use all sorts of things for arts and crafts, check your garbage can or stuff you have crammed in storage.

I know it’s tough out there.  In some places, the local school district may provide free childcare and meals, even for families who aren’t already in their before & after school daycare programs.  If both parents work full time in essential services or your family might go hungry if one or both can’t work, you might qualify too.  Other places, like church or the Salvation Army might be offering similar services too.

Definitely worth looking into.

But, if you’re home with the kids, you might be wondering what to do.

Take it from a veteran homeschool mom, children thrive on routine and the familiar.  They’re suddenly going from getting most of what they want, to not getting it or having to wait.  Maybe they have to eat oatmeal instead of their favorite cereal.  Add a Special Needs Child into the mix and you’ve got an even bigger recipe for chaos.

Know your children, what motivates them, what makes them feel at ease.  My second-born Special Needs Child, for example, is extremely empathetic, to the point of exhibiting the same symptoms as a sick person she cares about, even if she’s completely healthy.  Gentle reminders of the importance of what we’re doing to protect our loved ones from the virus helps a lot.  She’s written a letter of encouragement to her school’s principal and teachers.

Brainstorm projects, chores, and learning activities.  Set up a daily routine, so everyone’s doing approximately the same thing everyday, stagger interesting things, boring things, and fun things with necessary self-care, meals, riveting games of monopoly.  Find out if it’s possible to go on outings, play at the park, rake the back yard.  Prepare for a summer of fun.  Is the camping equipment in order?  Have you pumped up the bikes’ tires yet?  It really depends on your family’s situation.

7 a.m. Breakfast

Watch TV, get dressed & brushed.

8 Daily Chores

9 Art and Snack

10 Play with Bubbles and the dog in the back yard

11 Special Chore, like rake the front yard

12 p.m. Lunch

1 Bike Ride

2 Snack

3 Watch a Movie

4:30 Set table for dinner

5 Dinner

5:30 Help clean up after dinner

6 Watch 2 episodes of favorite TV Show

7 Quiet time in room to read, write, and work on projects

Well, you get the idea.  If you’re doing school work, just make sure you stagger it with fun stuff.  Get the little darlings out of the house so they can burn off energy, run around, and be kids, if at all possible.

Take care of yourself so you can keep your family safe and healthy.

Remember, if Grandma could survive the 1918 Flu Pandemic, World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II, not to mention everything since, we can get through this too.

We come from tough stuff.