Top Three Historical Cooking Resources



I hate cooking and I’m lousy at it, though I do enjoy baking and cooking over a campfire.  But, I also love History.  I homeschooled our children when they were little and one of the ways to bring history alive for a child is projects.  Cooking is a great project and I learned to enjoy it that way.

Colonial Cookery

TOWNSENDS is a wealthy of practical history!  Wish every historical period had a Townsends.  Besides cooking, you’ll find information of daily living and resources for projects, everything from writing to building an outdoor oven.  They have a wonderful YouTube Channel!

Townsends’ How to Build an Earthen Oven

If you loved the historical reality series Colonial House you really need to pop over to Townsends.


World War II

This cookbook reflects the economies we lived with in the United States.  Even more phenomenal is the British experience on the Homefront, because they had to survive with a lot less.  I may do a post on just that.  For this post, check out the book mentioned at the top, GRANDMA’S WARTIME KITCHEN.

The Great Depression

I can’t remember how I stumbled on this amazing YouTube Channel, but it must have been when I was trying to learn how to make my mother’s fried spuds.  Besides learning how to cook with extreme frugality, you’ll experience heartwarming stories and a timeless spirit.9780312608279_p0_v4_s600x595

CLARA’S KITCHEN at Barnes & Noble

Clara’s Website

Clara’s YouTube Channel

Clara passed away, but her family continues her legacy and passing on her priceless wisdom and inspiration.

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