How & What I Order from Harlequin

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My book order arrived from Harlequin, brightening up yet another bleak winter day.  Thank goodness January’s over, am I right?  So, I thought I’d share what I ordered and how I do it.

I place an order about three or four times a year.  I could get many of them for free as a book reviewer, but most Advanced Reviewers Copies are eBooks.  I prefer paperbacks, at least until I find an eReader I’m comfortable with.

Also, I want to make sure my favorite authors get paid.  That’s how Harlequin knows to keep publishing my favorite authors’ books.  By ordering direct from the publisher, I also know my favorite authors are getting paid their full royalties so they don’t need to get into chicken farming instead to pay their bills.  I mean, sure, I love chickens as much as the next backyard farmer, but I want to read more great new books from my favorite authors.


STOLEN KISS at Harlequin

Harlequin has a wonderful Loyalty Program which awards points for every purchase.  I almost always purchase online because my local stores don’t carry half the series I like best, which is Historical and Heartwarming.  So my points are tallied automatically.  If you buy their books in other ways, you can redeem them too.  Check the page for further instructions.   Harlequin’s MY REWARDS



Also, if you spend $20 or more, you get Free Shipping.  And fabulous coupons come in the Newsletter, so definitely sign up for that.



Bear in mind that these books from this order do not represent all that Harlequin carries.  I’m just into Historical, Western, Suspense, and Sweet Contemporary Romance right now.  You can also find Women’s Fiction, Young Adult, and a bunch of other genres.  Some of the imprints have been discontinued, but you can still order eBooks from them.  There are still a handful of paperbacks from those imprints too.


A COWBOY AT HEART at Harliquin

In fact, my buying strategy is to spend My Rewards points on the eBook version of the older books.  I’ve accumulated quite a collection too.  Now, I just need a decent eBook reader!

Remember, we don’t need to agree on anything to be kind to each other.

Have a good one.



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  1. Beth Carpenter says:

    Looks like a great collection! Happy reading!

    I love my kindle paperwhite. It’s light, readable in bright light, and the battery lasts a couple of weeks. And it’s supposed to be water resistant, although I haven’t tested that.

    Enjoy your books!


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