Review: HER ALASKAN COWBOY by Belle Calhoune

y404You know how I feel about Alaskan Romance, right?  Because, well, that was the magic which made my large family.  Check it out-  How to Bag an Alaskan Man  And I’ve reviewed it for this author before.  So I knew I could count on her to deliver the goods and, of course, she did.

Honor and Joshua were teenage sweethearts.  She was the upstanding ten-commandment kind of girl and he was the bad boy her family didn’t want around.  Most of us have lived long enough to know that the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly when there’s a massive about of raging hormones and an utter lack in emotional maturity.  The adolescent Honor stood by her young man through all sorts of his shenanigans.

But not the last one.

The teenaged Joshua burned down a church.

That’s a big deal anywhere, but it’s huge in a small, close-knit community like Love, Alaska.

Fast forward a few years to the present.

Honor’s a college graduate and works at a wildlife rehabilitation center.  As if the church burning wasn’t enough, she also endured the excruciating grief of miscarrying Joshua’s baby.  But, the boy took off to serve his time and distance himself from childhood shame.  Far as she can tell, he ain’t never coming back and that’s a very good thing.

Honor had continued a friendship with Joshua’s dad.  Bud Ransom had assured Honor that he was leaving his sprawling ranch to her wildlife preserve, because his sons were gone and not interested in coming back and making good on the family legacy.  Besides, they agreed they don’t want outside investors to turn their beloved little town into some sort of tourist trap.

Now Bud’s passed away and Honor’s memories and feelings flood back, but she’s also relieved to know the future is secure and she’s moving solidly towards it.

Joshua comes back.  And he has a baby daughter.


Joshua served his time, grew up, and built a life for himself outside Alaska.  He even had a quickie marriage.  The big secret is Violet is not his biological offspring.  And that’s not his only secret.

Joshua’s feelings for honor still simmer at the back of his heart, but he’s grown up enough now to know she’s got better things to do now.  Still stings that she believes he was the one who burned down the church.  He’d learned to live with the shame because his brother really needed him to, but having this woman he still cared about believe the worst of him is difficult to bear.

Honor is thrown for a curve when she learns Bud failed to change his will in time.  Instead, the ranch has been left to Joshua, and Violet, and his brother.  Naturally, she’s upset.  But, she tries to make friends, to convince her old flame to honor his dad’s true wishes.  After all, Joshua’s not interested in spending the rest of his life in the middle of nowhere on the Last Frontier.

Is he?

Just when Honor thinks it’s going to be okay, she learns Joshua and his brother are wheeling and dealing with an outfit wanting to turn the place into a dude ranch for those crazy Lower 48ers.  (Psst, a Lower 48er is someone who lives in 48 contiguous states of the United States and not in Alaska or Hawaii.)

Sure, maybe Joshua grew up, but it’s obvious to her that he hasn’t really changed.  Except maybe he is a really great dad to his little girl and, well, she didn’t get to have his baby.

You know this couple is going to sort out this mess and live happily ever after, because, well, this is Romance Genre and it’s required.  But, I know you’ll enjoy the process of how they get there.  The characters are living, breathing, and the baby is not just cute luggage.  Also, the story expands on the community of Love, Alaska which really enriches all the books in the series.

Highly recommend.

Pop over and check out Belle’s other books, especially the ones in this series, at her website.  Belle Calhoune

I like to link directly to an author’s publisher so she gets her full royalty, but there weren’t any paperbacks of this book available at Harlequin Books.  Only the eBook.  If you want a paperback, I suggest popping over to HER ALASKAN COWBOY at Amazon.

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  1. Belle says:

    Thanks so much for giving Her Alaskan Cowboy such a great review. Reading it reminded me so much of why I love Honor and Joshua so much. I love writing Alaskan romance!


  2. Kimber Li says:

    You’re welcome. I love reading Alaskan Romance, so, yes, please, keep writing it!


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