Keeping It Real: Aging In Place With a Whole Lot of Grace



Disclaimer:   The recommendations in this post are my opinion only, based on my own experiences.  Please do not take them as professional advice.

Getting Old or Not

We live in a youth-obsessed culture, no secret there.  Have you noticed the sudden spike in suicide among young celebrities?  Bizarre, as well as heartbreaking.  People are afraid of growing old, but then that happens.  Doesn’t make sense.  Then, there’s the 70-year-olds who shell out thousands of dollars to look 40.

Or maybe it was because my mother was afraid of growing old.  She eventually did, of course, and passed away a lot younger than expected.  Because of cancer.  You never know what life will throw at you.


Love him or hate him, Charles Darwin did get one thing right.  Survival depends on the ability to adapt.

The fact is we’re all growing older and nothing can stop that process, except death.  I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy my great-grandchildren growing up.  Since I’m not even a grandma yet, I’ve got a lot of years ahead of me.

This all makes me think it’s not about dying.  It’s about becoming helpless.  And maybe not pretty, special, and attractive any longer. Maybe I have the advantage of always knowing I was not a beauty queen.  My mother was extremely impulsive too, and so I learned to adapt quickly to new people, environments, and situations.  So, I think I have a decent shot at being a little old lady one day, God willing.

The First Step to Aging Gracefully in Place

Accepting that we will become less mobile and we will look less and less like 20-year-olds is where to start, in my opinion.  Once we get to that place of acceptance, we can start to plan.  I’m still kicking myself over buying a house with stairs.  In a few years, we’ll be Empty Nesters in a big house with stairs.  Which means we’ll have to sell and go through the arduous process of buying a new, smaller house without stairs.  We could buy a chair-lift for our stairs, but we’ll need a smaller house because our large brood will be grown up.  Smack my head.  You see, I accepted the aging process a long time ago and it still didn’t occur to me when we were house-hunting.

The Next Step

I’m in the middle of imagining the life I want to lead when I’m a little old lady.  I definitely want to be surrounded by cats and lots of books.  When I was a kid, my mother worked for a couple of little old ladies.  One of them was to the point of immobility and she spent her days surrounded by stacks and piles of books.  Being a book nerd from birth, I thought this was very cool.  I’ve read you can fend off mental decline by keeping the mind active.  Reading books is one of the great ways of doing that.

What kind of little old lady or dignified older gentleman are you going to be?  How do you plan on enjoying the next stage of your life?

How do we live our lives on purpose?  Instead of just following the path laid out for us by society?  Being proactive can be the difference between living and waiting to die.

Check out this YouTube Channel I found about a couple who wanted to live on purpose and now they do-  Off-Grid with Doug & Stacy  I’m learning so much from them!  Learning new things is another way to stay sharp as the world around us tries to dull our senses.  Their raised bed garden is gorgeous!  I’ve read about how to create gardens which are wheelchair accessible and theirs looks like it could be.

5384608THE ENABLING GARDEN on Goodreads

Another homesteader I’ve learned a lot from is Becky’s Homestead.

I linked to her tour video from a few years ago, a good example of how to set up a backyard farm which is manageable for one person.  Another really interesting thing about this video is to notice how much weight she’s lost compared to her newest one.  Check this out!  Becky’s Homestead Channel Page

Being proactive about your independence is good health.

Stay Safe & Be Kind.