Keeping It Real in a Fake World: Writing Paper Letters


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Keeping It Real

During a time when Truth & Justice are defined by what is Convenient & Profitable, the slide into cynicism can be quick, and depressing.  So much of our lives are digital now, some even lose touch with reality.  The fantasy can be more exciting and the person can feel more in control and safer.

Sooner or later,  however, Reality comes crashing in.  If such a person hasn’t a clue how to cope, that can be personally devastating.

I struggle with seasonal depression every January.  I know if I can just make it through that month, I’ll be okay.  A while back, I wrote a post about How I Survive Winter on the Cowboy Baby Homestead.

Writing On Real Paper is a Sensory Experience

I remembered another way, writing real paper letters and sending them by snail-mail.  Few of us do that anymore.  Spending all day texting, Tweeting, and sending eMail, well, I feel like it fries my brain after a while.  Putting pen to real paper requires me to stop and think.  It requires time and effort which is a testament to how important the recipient is to me.  The pure sensory experience of touching paper and smelling ink grounds me.

I found this wonderful post on a lot of great reasons why writing a letter to someone you love is a very good idea.  Revive Our Hearts’ 10 Reasons to Reclaim the Lost Art of Letter Writing

mom1I remember my mother used jot notes on scraps of paper.  She was born during the Great Depression and grew up during World War II, wasting absolutely nothing.  That sort of thing stays with a person for life!  She used to dig through my garbage cans during her visits to me after I grew up.   She also ripped out magazine articles, newspaper articles, and crammed them into envelopes with dried flowers she’d picked.  I miss that.

The Keeping It Real Plan for Writing

I’m going to send one letter a week to someone special.  I’ll put newspaper clippings of cute things in it like my mom always did.  I’ll breathe, remember, and focus.

Hmm, I could use some new stationary, come to think of it.  I searched my local store and found nothing I liked.  Must expand my search.


Did you know cardmaking is a thing?  Kinda related to scrapbooking.  One of my daughters tried it out at a Christmas crafting party.  She really liked it too.  I’m gonna have to give it a try too.



Do you hand write letters on paper?  Do you know anything about cardmaking?

P.S. Since Goodreads is an Amazon thing, I do believe I’m just going to sign up as an affiliate for them too.  Will keep you posted.