Intelligent Ladies Who Love Babies

TXE_MaryJanesFarm_191001Sadly, I couldn’t find a usable image of this month’s issue, which is much more beautiful, but here is the link to subscribe and an image of an older issue of this magazine. MARY JANE’S FARM at Magazineline


Intelligent Ladies Who Love Babies – That’s the bottom line when I think about the Contemporary Fiction, Western Romance, and Cozy Mysteries I enjoy.

Sure, I read other books too.  Warrior queens, doctors, and female fighter pilots are awesome, but let’s face reality here.  I will never be any of those things.  Instead, I’ve chosen to channel my intelligence into my family, as well as my writing, and that has been my choice.  I’ve enjoyed it and I feel incredibly grateful to my husband for working so hard and sacrificing so much so that I can have this choice.  I find it annoying when it’s implied or outright stated that a homemaker or stay-at-home mother is somehow oppressed or significantly less powerful than women who work outside the home in high-earning careers.


Each of us are born helpless infants who must learn to walk the hard way, and some of us are born with challenges which prevent us ever walking at all.  We each have strengths and weaknesses, and we’re all different.

Let’s celebrate that.

My mother was college educated.  She chose to work as a hotel housekeeper.  Not kidding.  Why?  I asked her.  Peace and quiet, she said.  Now I’m grown up I totally get that.  What motivates one person to one thing may not motivate you, and that’s okay.  In fact, it’s great.

Let’s enjoy all of it.

I want to Spotlight the contemporary adult books and magazines I find helpful and inspirational, especially during the long, dark, otherwise boring month of January.  This week I’ve linked to one of my favorite magazines, two Non-Fiction Books, and three wonderful novels.

One Juicy Magazine

I love Mary Jane’s Farm because this magazine is crammed full of content which is both useful and beautiful, everything from chicken coops to recipes to fashion and community both online and in person.  Explore the website I linked to for even tons more stuff.  The new issue for January to March 2020 is on stands now, but I couldn’t find an image to use here.  Nevertheless, I want you to know there are several gorgeous recipes I’m going to try.  Also, the article on Vertical Indoor Gardens have inspired me to bring the outdoors in, since, you know, that evil white stuff keeps falling from the sky.

A Couple of Non-Fiction Books to Light the Way

I’ve recommended Nancy Sleeth’s book on how to incorporate the best ideals of the Amish culture without signing up for the religion.  It remains my favorite Non-Fiction on the topic of homemaking, but there are others.  This really cool one is by Shannon Hayes and you can learn all about it and others at her site The Radical Homemaker


On to the novels!

Bear in mind that I haven’t read these novels yet.


AIMING FOR LOVE by Mary Connealy is about an expert archer who lives in the mountains with her family.  Haven’t read it yet, but apparently Josephine and her sisters are terrified of coming out of hiding because of the way their parents were killed.  What would it take to motivate these girls to step out into the rest of the world?


Sasha owns a bakery in SECOND CHANCE SWEET SHOP and somehow finds the courage for love even though the sweet, handsome man in question has a teenager!  I don’t know about you, but as the mother of teens I can tell you that’s some courage right there.  As I like to say, Love is the Root of True Courage.


How can I not love a Cozy Mystery about a librarian and her cat? I mean, seriously, libraries and cats are two of my favorite things ever.  Technically, cats are not babies in the human sense, but mine is fairly convinced she’s my grandbaby.  So, I say it counts.  Maybe one day I’ll drive around with a bus full of books and a cat, and also good coffee and some chocolate.  Sounds like the perfect retirement plan.


Find it at Barnes & Noble- BOOKING THE CROOK

Laurie’s website looks really fun.  It’s called Cat Mystery and you should totally check it out.

That’s it for this week.  I’ll keep a sharp eye out for more.  If you have recommendations, please let me know.

Be Kind & Stay Safe.