Winter Blog Roundup 2019

FateSickHumorSuffice it to say, I haven’t accomplished everything I’d wanted to do by this point.  Nevertheless, I did accomplish and learn a lot.

Biggest Lesson:   Professional Blogging is Hard Work!

But, it’s also fun.  Whenever I think about quitting, I ask myself how’d feel to not have writing and promoting posts to look forward to each day?  I would not like it.  Not one bit.  I’m a compulsive researcher, so terribly curious about so many things.  Without my blog, I’d fall into sadness.  It distracts me from Real Life stress.  I have a large family, you know, and we have Autism and other Special Needs, as well as a chronic illness.  I’m the homemaker so keeping it all going depends largely on me.  Unlike my heroine, Mrs. Weasley, I don’t have a magic wand, howlers, or a special clock to keep track of my massive brood.  Check out this shirt and other Molly Weasley fan stuff-   Not My Daughter T-Shirt


If I can accomplish two goals for this week, however, I will be pretty much set up in professional blogging.  So wish me luck, send good vibes, and all that.

Monetize This Blog.

That means when I link to something, like to a book on Amazon, let’s say my favorite book with Mrs. Weasley in it like this-  HARRY POTTER & THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS Illustrated

913GG9YYdiLand someone clicks on the link and buys anything from Amazon, I’ll get paid a percentage of the profit.  This money I earn will go back into upgrading this blog and promotional expenses for my own books.  Pretty cool, huh?

Before I can do that, I need to make sure my blog is in order, complying with all the rules and needs of my would-be affiliate folks.  This site has been helpful-   GOLDEN BLOGGERZ

Launch the Newsletter.

This is probably the most difficult.  Everyone has one, everyone needs one.  I think it’s just that it’s one more thing and I already do so much.  It just keeps getting kicked down the road.  I’m already signed up with MAILCHIMP

New Blogging Adventures Launch This Month Too

Counting Down Star Trek Picard

This is not a new adventure, but I will be switching its focus to Seven of Nine and STAR TREK VOYAGER by the end of the week.  The launch of the new series STAR TREK PICARD is only a few weeks away!  This means Saturday posts centered on that character, as well as daily Tweets on favorite Voyager episodes featuring Seven.  One of the posts will be a review of a Seven-centered Star Trek book.  I don’t typically review Star Trek books because I’ve read a bunch and they typically lack the character development I crave.  I know they do this for continuity’s sake and because that’s what their other readers like.  Nevertheless, it’s challenging for me to get through a Star Trek book.  Sorry.


Star Trek Voyager SEVEN OF NINE at Goodreads

Bianca’s Crash Course in Radical Time Travel

I recently blogged about this-   Bianca’s Crash Course

Someone brought to my attention that on New Year’s Day we’ll be back in the Roaring ’20s!  Awesome.  I love the Twenties and its such an underserved historical time period.  I also have a character who’s destined to be a Time Traveler, so I named the series after her.  Yeah, I was kinda warped by that 1980s classic, dude.


Some people take life way too seriously, if you ask me.  I like to tell them my Time Travel story is like BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE crashes into a tea party in SOMEWHERE IN TIME and they’re like, “Huh?”




The Twelve Books of Christmas

This is for December only and it’s for books on all winter holidays happening in this month, actually.  Whenever there’s a vacancy in the weekly schedule, I’ll promote and sometimes even review one of these books, as time allows.  This is the one I’m presently reading-



I’ve updated my book list, so check out My Static Post for upcoming reviews.

It’s December!  I love Christmas.  What’s your favorite holiday movies?  Here are my Top Three in no particular order, because my number one favorite changes daily.  You know how easily distracted I am.

Muppet Christmas Carol on iTunes


It’s a Wonderful Life on Amazon Prime


Charlie Brown Christmas at Target


Oh, one last thing, my new doll, the last of my Fab Five Collection from ASHTON DRAKE is on her way.  That means I will be posting about her box opening and updating you all on my realistic baby doll collection very soon.


Live Long and Prosper, My Friends.