Counting Down to STAR TREK PICARD: “All Good Things…” …Can Come Again


“ALL GOOD THINGS…” on VHS at Amazon  The episode is, of course, available in other formats, like Blu-Ray and DVD.  I just like the VHS cover.

“All Good Things…” is the series finale for STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION.  In it, Captain Picard is put to a puzzle by Q.  He’s shifted between three time periods, when he first took command of the Enterprise-D, his present, and his future.  It was his future which sparked my curiosity.  How does that supposed future compare with the one in the upcoming STAR TREK PICARD?

Well, for starters, Gates McFaddon, the actress who portrays Dr. Beverly Crusher, looks even more beautiful in REAL LIFE than made up by a professional artist as a senior lady in “All Good Things…”  What’s with that?  I make no secret that I’ve seriously envied her hair from the start and now she’s gorgeous in silver too.


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But I digress…

But, if you come here a lot, you’re used to that, right?


In “All Good Things…” the puzzle put to Picard is why a dangerous anomaly is bigger and more dangerous in the past than it is in the future, so big it threatens to destroy humanity before it can get started.

Captain Picard is a retired ambassador, tending his vineyards.  In the new series, he’s a retired admiral, tending his vineyards, because, apparently, he never heeded Captain Kirk’s advice in Star Trek Generations (movie set right after this episode) never to allow them to promote him or do anything to get him off the bridge of the Enterprise.

Lesson Learned:   Listen to Your Elders.  Sometimes they have some really cool stuff to say that can really save your backside.

Will Riker is washing dishes in his rustic home, probably somewhere in Alaska, instead of in command of his own ship.  But, maybe he’s just home on leave with his wife and kid.  Anyway, Alaska, that is seriously awesome.

Deanna Troi is gathering flowers, I guess, outside that Alaskan home and seems quite happy.  And not dead like in “All Good Things…”  Huge improvement there.

Data is trying, in “All Good Things…”,  to pretend he’s an aging professor in England with a silver streak in his hair, lots of cats snoozing nearby.  Not blasted to pieces as the result of his heroic act to save Captain Picard at the end of the movie, Star Trek Nemesis.  Yikes.  The cats are a nice touch.


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Ah, but if life was already perfect, there’d be nothing to look forward to.

I’m not a senior lady yet, but I’m well on way.  So I can look back and see how life goes.  As a young adult, it’s pretty much unfathomable.  At middle age, I’m like, “Wow, that sure went fast.”

I watch people older than me grow even older and then begin to pass away.  The happiest ones accept that they are growing older and work at staying as healthy as possible, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  They’ve also taught me, by example, that life does NOT need to end at forty.  In fact, that’s incredibly sad and even ridiculous to assume it will.  There’s so much more ahead and everything becomes richer, as you come to realize how incredibly precious every soul and every moment truly is.

So, did Jean-Luc Picard age gracefully?  Well…he really should’ve taken Captain Kirk’s advice, but there’s no real going back and changing one disastrous mistake.



Anyone can start today and choose a healthier path in life, one which makes a difference for themselves and their loved ones.

Judging by the trailer for Star Trek Picard, that’s exactly what Jean-Luc does.  A call for help comes in and he responds, maybe not like he used to, but with all that he is and has become.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful story.

STAR TREK PICARD Trailer on YouTube

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get caught up on all things STAR TREK.   You can find the series and movies on Blu-Ray, DVD, and on NETFLIX, and  Also, you can check them all out for free at your local public library, if you live in the United States.  Don’t know if that’s true elsewhere in the world.

Live Long and Prosper.