Gratitude – the Secret to Happiness



I’m sure you’ve been told Thanksgiving Day is not just about stuffing your face and watching football.

But did you realize it holds the Secret to Happiness?

So many desperately want to be happy.

So few are willing to do what it actually takes to be happy.

It’s sad.  Not unlike the Love Dilemma.  The people who are most desperate for love so often are the very ones who will never find it, because they have no idea what it looks like.  Sometimes they actually get it, but are quickly bored by it.  They’re so used to the adrenaline rush of constant drama.

Bonus Tip:   True Love is when your loved one’s well-being is more important to you than getting what you want for yourself, year after year after year.

Look around you.  Odds are very good you already have someone in your life who loves you very truly.  If you never even noticed before, are you capable of loving them back?  Selfish people are incapable of true love.  If you’re selfish and want true love, it’s time to work on that.

I know Gratitude isn’t always easy.  Really.  I do.

Be grateful for the people who truly love you.  They’re rare and you won’t always have them with you in this world.  One day they’ll pass away and you’ll be left with only their memory.  Be thankful for that too.


I have my mother’s Bible.  It smells like her.  I keep it in a gallon zip-lock plastic baggie to preserve the smell.  I also have her voice recorded off our telephone answering machine.  These two things make me very grateful because they’re founded in real love.  They’re priceless, irreplaceable, and worth more to me than all the gold in the world.  I miss my mother terribly, my wonderfully, infuriatingly imperfect mother, every single moment of every single day.

They say Grief is the Price of True Love.  That’s how I know I’ve been blessed and I am, therefore, extremely grateful.

Family, friends, my silly little grand-kittens who insist on snuggling when I’m sad, I am thankful, and that makes me happy.