Making CONNECTIONS in History & Zombies




Okay, that’s a stretch, right?  Bear with me and maybe you’ll see it’s not so much.  There are people who will twist history around to manipulate you into buying and voting the way they want.  But, you’re not hardwired to take that crap.  I suggest you subconsciously make connections in events to protect your species.  Getting good at it only requires doing it deliberately.  For some, it’s easier and less scary to let others do the thinking.  But, not you.  ‘Cause you’re brave, what they call a Bada$$, right?



I’d bet my bottom dollar you have no idea what my favorite history program is, especially if you’re American. Ever notice how few history programs Americans actually have? It’s sad, really. The British have heaps and piles of ‘em! One is CONNECTIONS, hosted by James Burke. Created back in the 1970s, I found it while digging through a very old and small library.

Reading and watching New Release books and films is how their creators make money, but watching old ones too makes YOU rich.  And any twisting of History for political gain will be old propaganda and, thus, less annoying and maybe even funny.  The better you understand History and its connections, the less likely you’ll be suckered into modern propaganda too.  Win-Win, if you ask me.

51b7rSCzaxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_AMERICAN CONNECTIONS on Amazon

Two things fascinate me the most about History, the way ordinary people lived (who invented toilet paper) and how events connect and effect each other.
Connections was all about, you guessed it, the connections between events, how one thing effects the other.
‘Fake News’ is nothing new, it just spreads faster now because of the Internet. Politicians and their puppet-masters have been doing it since the Tower of Babel thousands and thousands of years ago. Nimrod, the dude who orchestrated the project, told the people to build it so they can reach God. Sounds legit, right?

How about something more recent?

Quick, tell me which Pandemic was the deadliest and when did it happen? The Black Death in the European Middle Ages? My money’s on the Flu Pandemic of 1918. About a third of the world population was infected, about 5% died, and it totally messed with the birth/death rate. But we’ve only recently been consciously paying attention to it.
Because World War I was going on at the same time and the Powers That Be wanted Americans to concentrate on winning it by paying taxes and all that. They did not want Americans to think about their precious children shipping off to fight in a European War, only to arrive there dead from the Influenza.9780143036494_p0_v3_s550x406



And you thought politicians cared about whether your children lived or died, right?  Well, some of them do, I’m sure, but let’s just say it’s not always a priority to a lot of them.

The Spanish Flu was inconvenient and unprofitable to our world’s leaders.

The ‘Spanish’ Flu is inaccurate too. This pandemic did not originate in Spain. It’s just that country tried to stay neutral in the war, so it had no problem reporting it in the newspapers.

See how that works?

History can be utterly fascinating and highly entertaining.  There are all sorts of examples on YouTube.  Check out this channel-  Weird History

Truth is stranger than fiction, they say.  Which brings me to Zombies.

I think Humans do subconsciously remember the Flu Pandemic of 1918 without the help of history textbooks and even if their great-grandparents were too freaked out to pass down the family stories of it.  Maybe that’s why the Zombie is so popular.  What do you think?  Is the Zombie a manifestation of our collective fear of disease?

Did you know that there are mentions of zombie-like creatures throughout history?  But that’s a post for another day.

Folks, this is how myths are created, I believe.  The human need to know, to remember, to understand, and pass on all that to the next generation.  Sure, it’s not always correct, but that’s okay.  As Merida’s mama taught her “Legends are lessons, they ring with truth.”


BRAVE on Amazon


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