Ashton Drake’s “Julia and the Sock Goblin” is my Christmas present this year.  My husband indulges my doll collecting because, he says, I’m baby-crazy and they’re cheaper than the real thing.

The holidays are upon us and I’ll try to time my Gift Guides appropriately.  Realistic baby dolls can take a while to arrive, so they’re first.  In fact, if you want to order a custom Reborn Doll you’re way too late.  But, definitely hit that link and check out the already-made dolls.  The term ‘Reborn Doll’ means a doll which has been individually created by a brilliant artist.  It Is Not a Factory Made Doll.  Some people use that term to mean any Realistic Baby Doll.  I don’t own Reborn Dolls, yet.

The first thing is to Know Your Doll Collector.

Disclaimer:   These are my suggestions only.  If you’re at all uncertain, buy the person a gift certificate from the doll-seller instead!  Some of these dolls costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Realistic Baby Dolls for Children

Most of the dolls I recommend *ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN.*  These are collectable dolls, generally for ages 14 and up.  Nevertheless, some parents do spend hundreds of dollars to buy these dolls for small children.

Besides the Safety Issues of doing so,

It’s just a ridiculous waste of money.  These are fragile dolls and they are easily damaged.  You can buy five or six high quality children’s dolls, which would last years longer, for what you would spend on just one of the dolls I recommend for adult collectors.

But, that doesn’t stop some parents from throwing their money away.  It’s their loss.  Not mine.  Next year, I’ll buy the destroyed doll dirt-cheap off eBay, fix it, clean it up, and sell it for a significant profit.

If you encounter an adult collector who is upset by a child receiving one of these dolls, it’s because her heart is broken.  She sees a beautiful doll and knows how many thousands of hours of hard work and pure talent went into creating it. And she knows it’s about to be destroyed by a child who should not even be allowed to touch it.  Much less own it.

The good news is the major suppliers of realistic baby dolls do also create dolls durable and SAFE ENOUGH for children.  They’re still expensive though.  If you want my advice, buy a Berenguer Doll from JC Toys.  In fact, my children bought this one for me from Walmart for about $20.evie

I love it because it’s from my children and it’s like the one I had as a child.  Her name is Merrilee and she wears Premature Real Baby Clothes.

Later, the child might graduate to Paradise Galleries dolls.  This is the Winter Dream doll.

21979-Winter-Dream-AA-04_2000xIsn’t she gorgeous?

My Personal Collection

I finish my Fab Five doll collection this Christmas and then I will start my Rainbow Babies collection from Paradise Galleries.

My Fab Five Collection all come from The Ashton Drake Galleries.  I highly recommend this company.  As you can see, I’m a repeat customer and I’ve never had a problem.

One Strong Recommendation!  If you can’t view the doll in person, watch her video on YouTube.  The pictures don’t do them justice.  Here’s one which helped me decide-

jenjenbify’s Details Video of Julia & the Sock Goblin

These are three-dimensional works of art and you can’t tell everything about them from a flat picture.  For example, even after doing that, I still had no idea the boy doll had brown eyes and not blue, until he arrived.  I loved him anyway.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you know what you’re buying.  The company is very responsive at their Facebook Page.

FabFourFrom the upper left, “Moment in My Arms” and “Pretty in Pink (retired.)”  Front, left, “Lil Rascal” and “Emily (retired.)”  These four our known as Evangeline, Arianna, Kiefer, and Evie in this household.  “Julia And the Sock Goblin” will be Number Five.  Her name will be Kristianna.

Find out why the doll collector is so interested in the hobby.  I used to collect angel dolls, now these.  I can hold these dolls and remember what it was like to hold my real babies, all of whom are bigger than me now and would squish me like a bug.  But, that’s just me.

Okay, let’s say you’ve got no idea but your friend or family member desperately wants a Full Body Silicone Baby.  Yikes!  Yeah, they’re super expensive and extremely easy to damage.  Like the high-end custom reborn dolls, I Do Not Recommend simply buying one.  Get a Gift Certificate.  Because these hyper-realistic dolls cost thousands of dollars.  Thousands.  I’ve seen them up to about $10,000 on eBay. Pop over to The Doll Connection Store.  “Tea” by Tasha Edenholm is my favorite and she’d set you back about $2000.

So what do you do for your doll collecting love one if you don’t carry that kind of cash around?  Buy her stuff to go with them.

I love changing my dolls’ outfits, especially their shoes.  My real babies hated wearing shoes and baby shoes are so cute!  Baby dolls don’t care, so I can put any kind of shoes I want on them.  Silly?  Maybe.  But, if I’m having a lousy day, remembering the happiest days of my life makes me feel lots better.


Merry Christmas & all those other wonderful winter holidays.