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Good morning, Blog Buds.  It’s November, time for me to get serious.  Need to get the Newsletter launched and Monetization in place.


THE STOLEN PRINCESS tour page at Xpresso

Firstly, I wanted to share my strategy, which was made more complicated by me giving up on Netgalley.  Guess I’m just not tech-savvy enough to successfully and consistently download titles from them.  (((sigh)))  Fear not, there are plenty of other sources for great books for me to read and review.  I can get my greedy little paws on titles from the book tours I host for, like from Xpresso Book Tours

I can check them out from my local library, like this one I will review Friday.


SPLINTERED at Goodreads

This is a great option for catching up on all the wonderful series I missed while in Contemporary Fiction Mode, as is Thrift Stores.

I can pluck ’em off the New Release shelf at my local bookstore, but they don’t always carry exactly what I want.  So, I can also order online, which I will be doing to bring you a review of this lovely book.  ‘Cause the truth is sometimes a book cover is so gorgeous I just want to hold it close to my heart and smell it, you know?  Also, I love owning an entire series in one format.  I’m just not a big enough review site for publishers to send me hardbacks yet.  Sorry.


THE QUEEN OF NOTHING at Holly Black’s Site

Anyway, I have a four week strategy for each month.  One book will be an older release, the second will be a Star Wars novel, a third will be an Indie Pub or a book by a very small press, and the fourth will be a brand spankin’ New Release from a major publisher.  Is there a method to my madness?  Why, yes, yes, there is.  Reviewing the New Release helps me stay on top of the major publishing vibe.  The Indie Pub helps me rub metaphoric elbows with authors like me.  The older releases get me caught up on books I missed.  And the Star Wars novels help me touch base with futuristic Fantasy, because most of what I see elsewhere is the regular kind.



Gosh, I see a lot of royalty in my books.  Did I read a lot of fairytales when I was a kid?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  Particularly in the tiny little town I grew up in, there simply was not much of a selection.  I’d be riding in the car with my mom and she’d point to the library and ask if I wanted to stop.  I’d groan, “Nah, I already read that one.”

Thank goodness for Hans Christian Anderson!

Yes, the world did have a Star Wars by then, but I didn’t see until years later.

See you tomorrow for my review of Splintered, ‘kay?  It’s an Alice in Wonderland related story.  Isn’t the cover gorgeous?  Have I mentioned how I love gorgeous cover art?  Yeah, maybe once or twice.


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