Great Books to Read for November

9781524700263This little beauty is due out in January.  I’ve put in a request for an ARC, but my blog is still pretty new.  I may need to buy it.  The cover is so gorgeous I think it may be worth the investment.  Check out NAMELESS QUEEN from Penguin Random House.

Can you believe it’s almost November?  I love Autumn.  Spring is my other favorite season, but this time of year I don’t need to worry about allergies.


THE IRON KING was released in 2010, but I’ve been wanted to read the series for a while.

Anyway, I’ve had some challenges finding books to read, made more complicated by my ineptitude at downloading electronic Advanced Reader Copies from Netgalley.

Also, I’ve had a hard time choosing New and Upcoming Releases, because, well, I liked Older Releases too much.  I want to read more Upcoming Releases so publishers now I mean business.  But, you know how easily distracted I am.  After all this time, what you see on this blog is as narrowed down as I can get.  On the bright side, readers can come here knowing they’ll always find a delicious buffet of good things to read.

If you know I’ve had a hard time choosing books to read, then you know you’ll be getting ones I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  Right?


SPLINTERED at Abrams Publishing is another series I’ve been wanting to start.  Ohmigosh, their cover art is so gorgeous!  Check out this newer release by the same author, A.G. Howard.  Yep, I also got my greedy little paws on that one too.  What can I say?  I’m extremely visual.  I think in pictures.  I judge a book by its cover, sorry.


One thing to keep in mind when I review an older book is that the author typically has a huge backlist of books and likely a New and Upcoming Release too.  So if I love one of their old books, odds are good the new ones will be great too.  The best authors always work to get even better.

Speaking of older releases.  Harlequin has a Rewards program in which you gain points whenever you buy something.  I always use my points to buy the eBook versions of older releases, including this stunning one from the legendary Fantasy author, Mercedes Lackey.


She wrote a series for them a few years back when they had an imprint specially for the Fantasy Genre, called LUNA.  They do still carry some Fantasy in their other imprints, including for Young Adult.   THE SNOW QUEEN at Harlequin

Meanwhile, I’m still on the hunt for YA Science Fiction, so long as it’s as amazing as THE RAINS by Gregg Hurwitz


Some may consider this Horror, because the infected adults are zombie-like.  But, I don’t.  I’ve read and reviewed it already, but I’ll be reposting the review on Halloween.  Check back then.

Presently on my Netgalley to-read list.


SLUMBER by Becky Bird and   EVERAFTER SONG by Emily R. King  Now, let’s just hope I can get them properly downloaded so I can read!

P.S. I want to read and review The Thorn Princess by Bekah Harris, but haven’t found it through any of my usual sources.  I may need to order it, but I will get it eventually.




I spent way too much time tracking down your sites.  Rebecca, did you know there’s another author with the exact same name?

Update your social media sites!  Connect them with memorable and related names and images.  Link all of them to your main site.  You’re only off the hook if you’re legend, like Mercedes.

Readers can’t BUY your books if they can’t find them!

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