How to Winterize the Chicken Coop

4781-hobby-farms-Cover-2019-September-1-IssueDone!  Actually, winterizing our chicken coop is extremely easy this year because we only have two hens right now.  But, you really need to get the little birdies under cover before the snow flies, regardless of difficulty.

  • Step One – Convince massive offspring to move the coop for me.  The convincing is much more difficult than the actual moving of the little coop.  Must be moved to fresh ground and within reach of the extension cord for the heat lamp.
  • Step Two – Set up the outside run.
  • Step Three – Buy huge thing of pine shavings and dump inside the coop, the henhouse, and the outside run.
  • Step Four – Tell hens to stop sulking about not getting to free-range anymore, ’cause it’s better than freezing to death.

For bigger coops and more hens, it’s a lot harder.  So, pop over to Hobby Farms to read ‘6 Coop-Winterizing Chores.’  Might as well subscribe while you’re there, ’cause it’s an amazing magazine.

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