What Can We Learn from Yom Kippur?


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A good little human is always learning and, I believe, all humans are spiritual beings, whether they belong to an organized religion or not.  One way of learning about ourselves is to study other religions and one way to get started with that is to find out the significance of holidays.  Yom Kippur starts the day after tomorrow, said to be the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.  Why?  Well, it’s supposed to be the Day of Atonement.  You reflect, realize your wrongs, and plot a new, better course for the coming year.  Check out this video to learn more than I can provide- Bimbam’s Video on Yom Kippur


  • Pray – Call it what you like, reflection is always good for the soul.
  • Asking Forgiveness – No one’s perfect and relationships are essential to our well-being.  A good apology goes a long way and the best apology is changed behavior.
  • Give to Charity – Besides the obvious, I take this one to mean get your focus off your own selfish self and help out.

Traditions and rituals are valuable in helping us remember important events and life lessons.  What can you do this week to celebrate Yom Kippur in your own way?  I’ve been meaning to volunteer in my community now that my children are older.  This seems like a good week to start that.

Did you know some Christians celebrate Jewish holidays regularly and as part of their own worship?  I suppose it helps keep them in touch with the roots of their faith.  I’ve celebrated Passover before and it was very meaningful for me, historically and spiritually.

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