I’m Linus, or I Try to Be



Only a month until Halloween!  Everyone celebrates in their own way, or refuses to celebrate for various reasons.  Our family sees it as a fun time to dress up and get and give free candy.  Gratuitous evil, gross, or violent costumes are not allowed.  I’m going as a Hobbit this year and one of my daughter’s has already decided to be the elf, Tauriel.

At heart, I am Linus, the best friend of Charlie Brown from the Peanuts gang.


Linus had faith when others did not.  Linus helped Charlie Brown whenever he could.  Linus lived with a bully sibling with remarkable grace.  And Linus had the confidence to tell his friend what he needed to hear.  And Linus was not afraid to  be himself, even when the other kids ridiculed him for sucking his thumb and carrying his blanket around.

Fictional characters mean more to us than we typically realize, I think.

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