FateSickHumorGood morning!  Saturdays are all about my own stories.  I’ve set Monday as the start date for the massive revision of the second story in the Elven Tales series.  This one was also previously ePublished and then the rights were returned to me.  I was never satisfied with the story and, as it turns out, I gutted half it during the Search & Destroy phase of revision.  This means I’m basically going to be writing half a novel, then have the whole dang thing critted, revised, and edited.  Again.  I really wanted it about by January, but don’t hold me to that.

The Ice Princess & the Immortal Protector does not have cover art yet.  I do already own the images, however.  Cover art for all novels in a series should be very similar to help the reader find what she’s looking for, visually.  Sometimes images go away and are no longer available to be bought.  So, I bought mine, just in case.  I’ve used the following sources for cover art, promo images, and blogging-



Now to the Novel Outline.  I think most writers develop their own way of doing this, based on their needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  Check out how Jenna Moreci does it.

As for me, I blend the Beat Sheet method from Blake Snyder’s screenwriting book, SAVE THE CAT! with the traditional Hero’s Journey and then bang out a chapter-by-chapter outline with that as its skeleton.

Because I am really lousy at story structure.

savethecatSAVE THE CAT! at B&N

Use whatever works for you.  Some people notecard, use sticky notes, and even really expensive computer programs.  Here’s my fancy, schmancy secret-


MEAD Composition Notebook at Amazon

Costs about a whole whopping dollar off the shelf during back-to-school sales.  That’s when I stock up.

The scribbles you’ll find inside won’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone, other than myself.  But, I can carry these anywhere and jot down whatever and whenever I have a moment.  Since I have a large family, that’s a whole lot of stopping and starting throughout the course of the day.  I figured out how to work surrounded by constant noise a long time ago!