Review: SWEET HOME ALASKA by Beth Carpenter

sweethomealaskaYou know how I love Alaska Romance.  That’s a thing, you know.  Like Western Romance.  Okay, maybe it’s not recognized by the Big Five publishers, but I’m calling it.  Alaska Romance is a thing.

Scott’s a workaholic and, therefore, a real bore, although a heroic one to many.  He broke Volta’s heart years ago by choosing to work exclusively with DEMA to provide medical care for the underprivileged around the world instead of being with her.  Like he really had to choose.  He thought he did.  His dad wasn’t there for him growing up because of putting the job first.  Of course, Scott was wrong.  He’s figuring it out though.  All of his rational reasons for coming to Alaska are mere cover-fire for his real reason.  He’s regretted letting Volta go and he wants her back.

Meanwhile, Volta got on with her life, smart girl.  She married a good man and built a life with him.  They had a daughter.  Her husband was killed while ‘high-marking.’  This is a game snowmobilers play where they race up a snow hill as far as they can and swoop back down without flipping.  The dude with the highest mark in the snow wins.  Not the safest game in the world and I’m sure Charles Darwin would have a thing or two to say about it.  Otherwise, Wade, her husband, was a good man who was always ready and willing to be with her and do whatever.

Unlike Scott.

So Volta is single again, but she’s also smarter.  Too smart to play second fiddle to a workaholic’s job.  She has a child to consider above all else.  She’s not going to let Emma’s little heart get jerked around by a would-be, sometimes mom’s boyfriend.  Emma’s dad died before she was born, so naturally there’s a hole.

When horse-crazy Emma’s lessons are cut short, Scott volunteers to teach her to ride.  Volta is understandably hesitant, but Emma’s determined to ride.  Scott’s really good with Emma.  What is it with eight year olds going horse-crazy anyway?  I’ve had three, you know, so Breyer Horses  have made a bundle off my family!

Meanwhile, Volta’s sister-in-law is still grieving her brother’s death.  Although it’s been a few years, there’s no time limit on grief.  Sadly, Stacy’s doing what some people do and warped her grieving process by blaming someone for the loss.  And Volta is her target, her emotional punching bag.

Volta tolerates Stacy, but also draws boundaries.  She’s a wise woman now, you know.  Meanwhile, her feelings for Scott are still there and growing again.  She’s determined to keep it all in perspective though.  It’s just a professional relationship, or maybe a friendship…with maybe kiss or two now and then.

Stacy manages to turn Emma against Scott just when he’s realizing he can choose his own path in life, just when he realizes it is possible to balance work and family.  Well, of course, Volta is not going to traumatize her child by hooking with a dude Emma doesn’t like.

I almost feel sorry for Scott, but not really.  He has a lot of work to do, winning Volta’s trust.  And he really had it coming.

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This is a love story you can believe in.  Pop on over to Harlequin to order your own copy.  They have a great deal for readers who buy from them regularly.


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