4 Ways a Professional Nanny Can Kick It Up A Notch



So, you’re thinkin’, “Come on, Kimber Li.  I’m already an awesome nanny.  I’m ready to kick it up a notch.  Whatta ya got?”  Or maybe something comparable.  Maybe you’ve been a Kindergarten teacher for ten years and you watched this CNN Business episode on how some nannies make a whole lot more money than you.  And you’re like, “Holy crap, Kimber Li!  I’ve always wanted to travel and teach little children which fork to use at a state dinner with the Queen.”

Got ya covered.

Career Paths for Real Nannies of the Sacred Code

This is the fourth post in a series, plus one for potential employers. I link to the previous ones at the end of this post. Each one considers at what point a potential nanny might enter the profession and the preparation I recommend.
Disclaimer: This is only my opinion! Each of you is a unique individual with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. You need to do your own homework and figure out what’s best for you.
Also, everything about a nanny applies to a manny. There are even agencies founded specially for them, although I don’t know if they’re exclusive.  Check out Angeles Mannies   This beautiful image was found at Pexels.


How to Become a Real Nanny of the Sacred Code

  • The Nanny Career Path Straight Out of High School like Princess Diana & Early Childhood Education
  • How to Attend a Nanny School Like Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie’s Nanny Did
  • How to Switch to a Nanny Career with Online Training
  • 4 Ways a Professional Nanny Can Kick It Up Another Notch

What is the Sacred Code?

I created this fictional designation based on the real life practice of friends recommending nannies who’d worked for them and nannies letting their friends know when new jobs were opening up. A hundred years ago in England it was common for noble families to pass around nannies as needed. For example, the nanny who raised Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon also nannied that lady’s daughters, the future Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.  Wasn’t the Queen an adorable toddler? (This is a Public Domain image.)

The Code itself is based on three universal human virtues all nannies ought to possess in abundance.

Loyalty, Sincerity, and Compassion

Experience & Necessary Skills

You undoubtedly already possess tons of experience and necessary skills. Try to get Letters of Recommendation and rewrite your resume accordingly.

Newborn Care Specialist

As you know, I’m baby crazy.  I mean, seriously.  I cared for babies and toddlers as a nanny and then deliberately gave birth to a whole bunch of my own.  If ever I was to go back to nannying, I would train to be a Newborn Care Specialist.  Get answers to your basic questions about this career option at the Newborn Care Specialist Association’s FAQ page.  I recommend an in-person class, if at all possible, and it probably will look better on your resume.  Experience is the big thing, you know.  But, if you’ve been working with newborns for five years or so, probably not necessary.  Do your own homework.  Disclaimer:   This is my opinion only!

The aforementioned NCSA is an excellent place to start.  Gentle Ventures is my personal favorite.  They have several options, depending on your experience level and career goals.  They even have one for Holistic Newborn Care.

Montessori Nanny or Nursery Governess

I read a book on English history which made reference to a ‘nursery governess.’  That was the only time I encountered that job title.  But, it makes perfect sense.  A governess homeschools her charges.  A Nursery Governess would home preschool her charges.  A lot of nannies do this anyway, but I thought you’d like to know a really cool title for it.  If you don’t already have an Early Childhood Education certificate, I suggest becoming a Montessori Nanny.  Because, well, they’re awesome.

Montessori Program for Infants & Toddlers




Simply put, a governess is a nanny with a four year college degree who educates her school-aged charges at home.  I prefer working with the littles ones, so I never put much thought into this  option.  A family might need a governess for several reasons, like while traveling and special instruction.  If you have a four year degree, you can attend my old school, of course.  The English Nanny & Governess School  Or you can find another path.  You may want to read my post about switching to a nanny career here.  It really depends on what you majored in and your present level of experience.  Eden Private Staff has an excellent article on this.  Sounds like people with teaching degrees are understandably the most highly sought after candidates!

Nanny Household Manager

I imagine this option is particularly attractive if you’ve been working for a family many years and you love them.  You don’t want to leave even though the children are growing up and don’t really need you much anymore.  I’m sure there are lots of other reasons too.



A household manager is basically the modern version of a butler, but don’t let that scare you.  In fact, you probably already know a few real-life household managers if you’ve been working in private homes a while.  A household manager runs the home under the direction of his employers.  How demanding this job is probably depends on the size and number of houses!  If a family has children and/or grandchildren, they might want a household manager with nanny experience.  Most likely, you’re going to need more training.  Planning a grown-up dinner party is a lot different than changing diapers!  You’ve probably acquired some of the skills along the way, but I doubt it’s enough.  Disclaimer:  This is my opinion!  I have no experience with being a professional household manager.

Starkey International  has a variety of options.  This seems great because you’re coming to this career option with different levels of education and experience.  I know about Starkey because of this book.  I found good stuff in this book, but a Nanny Manager is not the same as a Nanny Household Manager.  Do your own homework!



The International Butler Academy has a lot of awesome resources while you look into this new career option too.  It really depends on your career goal.
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