Never Forget


wtc4_sardoga-sleepyflagThe truth is defined by what is convenient and profitable in our society at large today.  Those who define it that way are motivated by money and power.  To get money and power, they must manipulate our behavior so we’ll spend our hard-earned money and vote the way they want us to.  Sooner or later, however, a moment comes when the truth cannot be denied.  One such moment, September 11, 2019, happened eighteen years ago today.  Many of you hadn’t even been born yet.  There are many who want to shape your perception of that terrible day.  Disappoint them.  Do your own homework.  Form your own opinions.  If you don’t define you, then others certainly will and for their own purposes.  The History Channel’s Special on 9/11

One way I search for the truth in our modern media is to check multiple sources on the same subject.  I know each is biased a certain way.  Measuring them against each other usually forces the truth to the top, like a cork in murky water.