How to Love a Buffet of Good Books


9780060581862_p0_v1_s550x406LITTLE TOWN ON THE PRAIRIE at B&N

A Good Buffet

I say it all the time.  I’m a girl who loves a good buffet.  I often forget that there are people who prefer to eat the same thing every single day.  I won’t fault them for that.  I know they have their reasons.  Sometimes, they have no choice, which is sad.

In order to have a good buffet of books, you need to have an open mind and heart.  If you believe a person who says that the Little House books, for example, are racist and sexist, you will miss out on one of the greatest stories ever told.  Ask yourself, what would motivate someone to want to deprive you of that experience?

Beats me.  But, you don’t have to put up with that.  Get yourself a free library card or pop over to your nearest thrift store.  Both places are loaded with classics like this one.

Further down the buffet, you might encounter this book-


PIRATICA at Goodreads

This one also has a young female protagonist.  The author, Tanith Lee, was way ahead of her time.  Judging this book by its cover, you can see it is very different from Little Town on the Prairie.  I love them both.  And I haven’t been a teenager in decades.

The Secret

Love a story for what it is, rather than what you or someone else thinks it is or should be.

This is how I can thoroughly enjoy the Star Wars prequels when most fans in my generation hate them.



Funny how adults try to get kids to try new things, but they have such a hard time doing it themselves.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Adults have a hard time learning anything new because they’re afraid to accept that they don’t already know everything they need to know.

Never let protecting your ego get in the way of the thrill of discovery.

Changes Coming to this Blog

So why am I talking about book buffets instead of what I said I would this Sunday?

Frankly, I’m bored.  Adult contemporary fiction, especially the Romance genre, is extremely prone to trends.  One book sells hot and suddenly the market is flooded with knock-offs.  I deal with that by taking a few months break from reading it.  Right now, the Romance genre is full of wonderful heroines, especially in the Sweet subgenre.  But, I’m really wishing someone would hurry up and dismantle the Alpha Male Cloning Facility.  I mean, seriously, am I the only female who thinks there’s nothing more attractive in a man than a sense of humor?




Also, my book I wanted to release this autumn, Jack & the Very Proper Nanny, needs a professional edit and I don’t have the money to pay for it right now.

And I keep getting distracted by really cool fairytale retellings.

So I’m going to finish out September promoting and reviewing mostly adult contemporary fiction, along with my series on nannies.

On October 1st, I’m switching to Fantasy and Science Fiction, mostly Young Adult because I find the characters more multi-dimensional and they grow more.  I’m a very character-driven reader.  But, I’ll go looking for swashbuckling adventure across speculative fiction, because you never know when you’ll stumble across a particularly delicious book.

Next Week, the Art of Neighboring


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