How to Celebrate Grandparents Day with a Little Help from Country Music


current_issuegoodolddaysEvery grandparent you meet was once a child.  Remember that.   Good Old Days Magazine

Good morning!  What’s in your cup this morning?  Fittingly, my grandma and mom got me into coffee.  Black.  My mom used to cuddle up with her first cup and loudly slurp ’cause it was so hot.  I can do such an accurate imitation of her it’s scary.

Grandparents Day

It sneaks up on us in the middle of the Back to School Rush and then we’re like, “Oh, crap!”  So I’m letting you know a week in advance that next Saturday, September 7th, is Grandparents Day.  You got no excuse.

Another reason people forget Grandparents Day, I think, is because it is frightening.  Yes, even more so than Halloween.  Why?  Two reasons.  One, it reminds us our parents and grandparents are aging.  And, two, it reminds us that we are too.


My mother was afraid of getting old.  This didn’t stop it from happening though.  You can see how pretty she was, she’s the lady on the right.  I think she was actually afraid of losing her prettiness and her independence.  She was very independent!


We learn from our parents and grandparents, deliberately and by default.  I made up my mind very young that I was not going to be afraid to get old.  I’ve noticed from my other senior friends that if you plan ahead you can stay more mobile and independent for a longer time.  And beauty comes from within.  My mother was very beautiful.

Celebration Activities

My mother and grandmother are in heaven now, so I can only advise you from that perspective.  There are many ways to celebrate this holiday, I’m baking my grandma’s famous Blackberry Cobbler and topping it with Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream.

My grandma didn’t write down her recipes, as far as I know, so I went looking for one like it.   Check out Five Heart Home’s Blackberry Cobbler

She has a cookbook out now too! Five Heart’s Cookbook on B&N 9781624142659_p0_v3_s550x406


That’s all fine and good and really delicious, but there is one gift you can give your grandparents and the grandparents of your children.


Check your ego at the door when you visit for Grandparents day, or call or Facetime or whatever.  Sit down, ask questions, and then shut your mouth and open your ears, whether you agree with what they say or not, whether the memories are disjointed or different than your own, whether they speak with anger or love or whatever.  Just listen.

Listening is a very simple way to say ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Respect You.’  When you keep your mouth shut, look into their eyes intently, you’re saying that the person is important to you, that their thoughts are interesting.

Sadly, in our very selfish culture, Listening is very rare gift.  That’s one reason I enjoy hanging out with seniors.  They know how to hold down a conversation!

A Little Help from Country Music

One of the reasons I love Country Music is because it’s not all about young people hooking up.  It’s also about family.  I love this one by the Judds called Grandpa


It’s on the Rockin With the Rhythm  album.  The song laments the loss of the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ when people fell in love and stayed married for life, prayed with their children, and so on.

We can have the Good Ol’ Days right now if we value what made them so great and pass those values onto our children.  Of course, once they’re adults our children must decide for themselves if those values are part of their life journey too.

Which brings up another reason to listen to grandparents.  One day, we’re going to be sitting in that chair too, or lying in that bed, waiting and wondering if our children and grandchildren will remember us and visit and listen to us.  Listen to this song by Ronnie Milsap for some inspirational support on that little nugget-  Old Folks

Our children are learning from us right now, even if they’re adults, how to treat us when we’re elderly by how we treat our own parents and grandparents.  You want them to be good to you?  Be good to your parents and grandparents.  Show your kids how it’s done.

One last song about a grandparent, this one by a dude who has a new book out and you know I love books!   ‘He Walked On Water’ by Randy Travis


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