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Knowing Nichelle
Tinsley Sellers
Publication date: August 16th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She’s just met the man of her dreams…but he’s not who he said he was. Neither is she. Until they get a second chance to make a first impression.

Is he a sophisticated big-city lawyer, or an easygoing small-town woodworker? And if she’s not a career-driven high-powered attorney, then who is she? Hiding behind their masks is second nature until circumstances force them to see beneath the surface and realize just how alike—and in love—they really are.

He’s only got one rule: no lawyers. She’s a lawyer.

Burned by experience, Buck’s got a rule for a reason. After walking away from a lucrative legal position, he found his peace in Beckley. Life on the farm is simple, and his woodworking business is thriving. He’s not interested in trading his work boots for wingtips and rejoining the rat race. So what if she’s the most compelling woman he’s ever met?

She’s only got one requirement: no a**holes. He’s an a**hole.

After a disastrous encounter in a trendy bar, Nichelle’s convinced that he’s an over-muscled a**hole. She’s got a sleek car, luxurious condo, and elegant designer clothes. Family comes first, and her legal career is on the fastest track. She’s never met a problem she couldn’t solve on her own. So what if he can see beneath her carefully constructed façade?

They’re perfect together. They just don’t know it yet.

Welcome back to Beckley, Michigan! Autumn is in the air and as the days get shorter, the air gets cooler and the calm lakes reflect the blue skies and red-gold trees for a double-dose of fall color. The people are just as warm, friendly, smart, funny, and real as you remember. When you need a place to call home, Beckley welcomes you—and sometimes the family you choose is as strong as the bonds you’re born with.

If you like small-town romance, you’ll like Beckley. If you like smart heroines who balance demanding professional careers with a commitment to family, friends, and finding love, then you’ll definitely like it here. If you like strong, sexy, hard-working heroes who have not-so-secret soft spots for kids, dogs, and classic cars, you may find that you never want to leave!

Knowing Nichelle is the third in the Beckley’s Daughters Romance series. It can be read as a stand-alone story, but continuing readers will recognize many of the characters and locations. This series is recommended for adult readers and contains explicit language and intimate situations.

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Author Bio:

Tinsley Sellers grew up in Chicago, spending her summers with her grandparents in a tiny town a lot like Beckley, Michigan. Life took her to Arizona, Washington, and Idaho before she finally found her home in Arkansas. She is married to an amazing, supportive (and handsome!) man, with whom she has rescued three dogs and two cats. When she’s not writing, she teaches physics and engineering at the local university. When she’s not writing or teaching, she’s probably trying new recipes. She enjoys fast cars, loud music, fine whisky, and big books. In no particular order.

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GUEST POST ***  Yes!  She’s a Trekkie too!

My Question: “Did you name your heroine after Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame? Why or why not? Are you a Trekkie? Did the Star Trek character inspire the story? Or did you just love the name?”

Tinsley’s Answer:

Nichelle Robinson, the title character of Knowing Nichelle, is definitely named for Nichelle Nichols, the amazing and lovely actress best known for her role as Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek series.

I happen to be a huge Star Trek (in all of its many incarnations) fan, and I have always loved (series creator) Gene Roddenberry’s inclusive ethos. Sure, the original series has its moments of offhand 1960s sexism (and green-skinned Orion slave girls in skimpy outfits). But it also has women in leadership roles and people (human and alien) of all colors, creeds, and orientations living and working together.

The name Nichelle is both beautiful and meaningful. Nichelle’s mother, Jackie Murray, is Boston Irish, and her father, Charles Robinson, is a Black man born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. They met and married in Italy (summer 1983, in story time), where Army Corporal Robinson was stationed and Jackie was traveling after finishing up her nursing degree.

They named all of their children for strong, positive role models. Firstborn Nichelle has a brother, Carver Lewis (named for George Washington Carver and Lewis Latimer), and two sisters, Diahann (spelled like Diahann Carroll but pronounced like Dionne Warwick) and Maya (after Maya Angelou).

Nichelle happens to love her unusual name and its association with Star Trek. It doesn’t dominate the story, but she’s absolutely a fan. One of her favorite places to hang out in Chicago is the Alpha Quadrant, a (entirely fictional) bar owned by a college friend (also a Trek fan, and nicknamed ‘Bones’). A key scene takes place here, as the heat between Nichelle and Buck (who, by the way, also has an interesting name: Melford Henry Buckholtz, III. His granddad was Mel, his father is Henry, so naturally enough, he’s called Buck!) really begins to ramp up.

Nichelle and a close friend also discuss a very famous Trek trope: the Kobayashi Maru. In the original series, this refers to a Starfleet Academy test simulation. It’s purposely designed to be unwinnable, until cadet James T. Kirk comes along—he beats the scenario by reprogramming it. There’s a point in Nichelle’s story (no spoilers!) where it feels to her like an appropriate metaphor.

I’m really excited about this story and these characters. This is a romance, so I’m not spoiling anything here by saying it’s got a happy ending. But holy cow, these characters really had to work for it. They so deserve it, and I hope you’ll enjoy taking the journey with them!

Thank you so much, Kimber Li, for giving me this chance to connect with some new friends and readers—and also for giving me a chance to indulge my inner Star Trek fan-girl!


Me:   You’re welcome!


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