Coffee or Tea, & Follow Me “A Hard Time Taking Advantage”

CoffeOrTeaWhat’s in your cup this morning? I’m having the usual and also hoping there will be real cream straight from the cow for coffee at church, and also chocolate cookies.

August 4th was Friendship Day.  Gosh, we only missed it by 21 days.  I think most will agree that friendship is vital to our well-being.  Some people enjoy lots of friends.  Some only need one or two good ones.

Friendship is ageless.  I started watching the senior ladies in The Golden Girls when I was a kid, and I still watch it.  My children watch it with me too.  You don’t need gray hair and crow’s feet to laugh your head off and glean pearls of wisdom from this show.

A wise person once said that the true test of character is how a person treats someone who can do nothing for him.  One thing I see people do all the time is take advantage of people they call friends.  The fact is using anyone is bad form all around, but using someone who loves you personally is a betrayal of trust.  Loyalty is a what I call a universal human virtue.  That means you don’t need a specific religion or culture to comprehend and value it.  Sadly, many don’t even realize they’re trampling on Loyalty.  Do you give more than you get?  Why are you friends with someone?  What do you get out of the relationship?  Ever have to peel a human leech off your life and move on, heartbroken?


Golden Girls at B&N

Inspirational Quote:   “I was hoping you’d have a hard time taking advantage of someone who cares about you as much as I do.” -Rose Nyland, The Golden Girls, Season 5 Episode 24 ‘All Bets Are Off’

In this episode, Dorothy has fallen back into her gambling addiction.  She’s in debt and needs money fast.  Her 84 year old mother is worried sick.  Rose is often called an idiot (undeserved in my opinion,) but she does something incredibly wise in this episode.

And dangerous.

Rose bets on Dorothy’s heart.  She takes the gamble that Dorothy will care more about her than gambling.  It pays off.

Dorothy realizes the horrible new low she’s sunk to and goes to Gamblers Anonymous.

Addiction is heartbreaking in any form.

Love is the root of true courage.

Be brave.

Be brave enough to be a real friend.

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Have a Blessed Sunday.

Next Sunday:   Grandparents Day


Bonus Quote from episode 24, this one much more funny:

Dorothy:   You’re never really cured, you just have to learn to just take one day at a time.

Rose:   Well, of course, you have to take one day at a time, Dorothy.  If you took them two at a time you’d be constantly changing your underwear.

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