Embracing the Colors of Autumn

countrysamplermagThe Colors of Autumn

One thing about spending a couple of decades in Alaska, I learned to really appreciate Autumn.  Up there, if you blink, you’ll miss it.  Also, I got climatized to cooler weather.  You’ll never read me longing for tropical beaches!  I love crisp Autumn breezes with the scent of red and golden leaves.  And also apple pie.  So I was thrilled when I discovered the first Autumn theme magazine on the shelves!

Country Sampler was new to me. Right about mid-July I start to deeply resent Summer, the heat, the dryness, the looming wildfire season which is now upon us.  I bought this little beauty, opened it up, and was carried away by the memories of beautiful Autumn pasts.


This post is supposed to be the Autumn Preview so I’d better get to it.


As you can see, I’ve been renovating and upgrading this blog and I really like the results!  It’s been a lot of fun learning and exploring my options too.  I’ve blogged for years, but I really wanted to convert my present one into a Lifestyle Blog and monetize it.  I was thrilled to see there is plenty of help on YouTube for this endeavor.  It really depends on what you need and which blogger communicates in a way you can fully understand and apply what you’ve learned.

Terrific Teachers

Start a Mom Blog is run by Suzie Q, mother of three, and, really, a gifted teacher who breaks it all down in an orderly fashion and walks you right through it.  She has many wonderful videos and here is one of my favorites-   5 Different Types of Posts to Increase Traffic and Conversions.


I haven’t taken any of her online courses yet, but here is the link to buy her eBook- Blog By Number

Allison Lindstrom has a fantastic list of Resources & Tools for Blogging.  Here is one of my favorite videos she did-  How I Earned My First $200

Both ladies have ways for you to engage with them and other bloggers to learn more, like newsletters, courses, and a club.  The two most important things I’ve learned from them at this point is to really hustle the first six months and to upgrade as I go and can afford it.

My Blogging Resources

I’ve used or am beginning to use the following tools & resources-

The WordPress Personal Plan




Hope these resources help!

3 First Steps to Hire a Real Nanny3 First Steps to Hire a Real Nanny of the Sacred Code

My Blogging Schedule

This week I’m posting practically every day, simply because this is my first week after launching the newly renovated blog.  Things will settle down around here by next week and we’ll fall into the routine.

Sundays- Coffee or Tea, & Follow Me

Tuesdays- Real Nannies of the Sacred Code

Thursdays- Book Events

Fridays- Book Reviews

Saturdays- Promo for my Own Books

😉 Be Kind & Stay Safe.








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