Summer Roundup 2019: A Quail Invasion & RV the Old West

Summer Update


Oh, my goodness gracious, if you remember this past Spring I was gushing about all the wonderful backyard farming I would be doing. We have chickens, I would be getting rabbits and planting a garden.  Fa-la-la-skippedy-doo-dah!

Backyard Building Projects at Storey Publishing

So anyway I go out to the raised garden bed to start my digging and look what I found.

Those are Quail eggs, baby.  About 25 of them.

thumbnail_IMG_0870So then I was like, “Ooooh, babies! I can’t dig up this garden.  The babies might get hurt, or at the very least their parents will be afraid to come back once they see all the activity.”


We bought our house because of its enormous back yard here in suburbia.  Plenty of room for gardening, chickens, fruit trees, and children running riot all over the place.

Well, within the month, our backyard was taken over by quail.  And racoons.  Hawks.  Apparently, word got out that we hadn’t gotten a dog yet.


Our chickens were a little freaked out.

So we got to watch three families of quail hatch, grow up, and finally leave our back yard in between our summer adventures. And we never did plant that garden.  The adult quail image is from Pexels.  Our photographs of the adult quail never turned out because they were fast and wouldn’t let us get into a good picture-taking position.

The quail fluff-balls grew up and flew away, dozens of them.  Meanwhile, the original nest in the picture was cleaned out by raccoons.  Our hens are happy the drama has ended.  Our cats thought it was the best TV show ever.

Boy, if they think they’re doing that again next summer, they’ve got another thing coming! Woof-woof.


20-Vintage-Camper-Crafts-560x800We were also going on great adventures.  20 Vintage Camper Crafts at Twin Dragonfly

Being cooped up in polite society most of the year, I enjoy the wild west and the mountains and small towns come summertime.  Ghost Towns are really cool.  This one is in Montana’s Bannack State Park


There’s something so fascinating about glimpsing how people lived way back when.  I’m the kind of history buff who’s more interested in that than the traditional heroes and battles and dates.

I was always the first one up in the morning.  I accomplished a lot of brain-storming for this blog during that time.  I also made the acquaintance of Bambi and his mom Whitetail Deer and a couple of wild rabbits we named Bun-Bun and Sugar Plum.  I believe they were Mountain Cottontail

Cottontail_(Sylvilagus_nuttallii)So I got rabbits in my back yard after all, just not the yard behind our house!

Personally, I’d love to be a full-time RVer and so would at least one of my offspring.  The rest of my family likes to stay put.  One of my daughter’s was born a cleanie and the rest of us are best described as cluttermuffins.  We drove her crazy, poor thing, in the RV.  She never loses anything because she’s so organized, so she lost her purse It was major trauma!  We searched the stores and gas stations and finally gave up.  Went back to the RV and found it mixed up with our youngest’s toys and stuff.


AIRSTREAM by Tara Cox at Amazon

If you and your family want to go on a great RV adventure, I recommend popping over to Bodacious Adventures and then my two favorite Full-Time RVers YouTube Channels.  Plus, I have these tips for you-

One – Clean and organize the RV very well and realistically beforehand, because you’re not gonna want to on the road.

Two- Use disposable everything that you can, like dishes, utensils, et cetera, because it’s no vacation if you’re stuck in the RV doing all those chores you do at home.

Three- Participate in non-touristy things to get a real feel of the local culture.  We went to dinner at the senior centers a lot and listened to the elders.

Four- Be as generous as you can afford and buy local.  These small towns rely heavily on tourist dollars to feed their families the rest of the year.

Five- Be kind and friendly and considerate of others.

Okay, so that sums it up for the summer.  I’ll be back on Wednesday for the Autumn Preview for this blog.

Meanwhile, pop over to RV Adventures  on the Cowboy Baby Homestead blog for all the links to my favorite resources on that topic.  Happy Trails!cowboy baby homesteadPIN

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