The Nanny Who Saved the World

6380566_109089450393You could say Elizabeth Ann Everest was the Nanny Who Saved the World. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but only because Winston Churchill was one of many who helped save the world back in World War II.

He would not have become the man he did without his nanny.

Humans seem to think great people magically come into existence exactly the way they are.  They don’t stop and think about the extraordinary process of growing up and learning what makes them tick and what they should do with their lives.  They don’t stop and think about the sacrifices a mother makes, the tears a father sheds, or the utter devotion of a teacher or caregiver.


Kids are told to strive to be Number One, but there are no great leaders, problem-solvers, cure for cancer discoverers, without a support group.  Some of us need to be in that support group.  Generally, we’re born that way by nature, and go on to become teachers, daycare providers, and dental hygienists.  But, we need encouragement too, and we deserve appreciation.

So, let’s hear it for Nanny Everest, because she provided almost the entire foundation for one of the men who helped save the world – us.


Winston Churchill’s Nanny
Back in the day, a nanny to a wealthy family had sole charge of children.  The parents might only see them for a few minutes in the evening and only after they’d been freshly scrubbed and on their best behavior. Churchill’s mother was an American who bucked that English tradition a little bit. Nevertheless, little Winston went running to his nanny when he came home from boarding school.  He no longer needed a nanny, but he loved and missed her just the same.  And he remembered her fondly throughout his life and even paid for the upkeep of her gravesite after she passed away.  Elizabeth Everest

Should make us stop and think about the children in our care, whether we gave birth to, sired, or were hired to take care of them.  We never know which one will end up a butler at the White House who saves the President from assassination, thereby avoiding a war, for example.  Or maybe she’ll work for the next great Hollywood actress and get her on the right flight at the right time so she can deliver an Oscar-winning performance which impacts our culture for generations to come.  You just never now.  But, you can know this, you don’t need to be Wonder Woman to do wonderful things worthy of acclaim.

You just need to care and be there.