NANNY by Jean Bowden


nannyjeanbowdenYou wouldn’t believe the collection of old, obscure, and antique books I owned in Alaska. I sold almost all of them when we moved to the Lower 48, because shipping them would have cost more than buying them again down here. Anyway, this is one book I brought with me, because it was just a little paperback and, let’s face it, I can’t be parted from my nanny books.

‘Wendy Craig’s Nanny’ by Jean Bowden is a novelization of a British television show, starring Wendy Craig, about a thirtysomething divorcee getting through a rigid nanny college and going on to be a top notch nanny. Along the way, she meets all sorts of parents, from the ones who can’t be bothered to the ones whose hearts are ripped out at parting from their precious babies. Meanwhile, Nanny has her own personal journey, from dealing with the stigma of divorce in the 1920s to choosing her nanny career over marriage to a prestigious man.

The big difference between this nanny book and those you find nowadays in the United States is that it’s about an educated nanny, for one. For two, it’s not about the nanny using the job as a stepping stone to marriage or a ‘real’ job. This is a dedicated professional, a woman on her own journey who finds true joy in caring for children.
I found my copy on eBay decades ago. I’ve seen it on Amazon too.

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