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This introductory post evolves continuously, especially the book review list.  You might want to check back periodically.

The Monthly Book Review List is at the bottom of this post.

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About Me

Kimber Li bandaged her fingers and pounded out her first novel on a manual typewriter when she was eleven years old. Also baby-crazy, she grew up and graduated from nanny school. She moved to Alaska, bagged a man, and had a bunch of kids, all of whom are taller than her now. She makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with this massive brood plus two spoiled rotten cats, a sweet and clumsy puppy, and a couple of chickens who are nothing but freeloading slackers.


This Blog

I’ve been blogging for over a decade, although this one’s fairly new.  I fell into it by posting about books I liked.  Some authors noticed and I was, like, “I’m a book reviewer?  So I’m a book reviewer.  Cool!”  I started doing it on purpose.

My first novel was ePublished in 2010 and I received my rights back to it a few years later.  I revised and independently published it January 2019.


In my ambition to become a more professional blogger, I’ve been learning what my blog buds really want to read.  I’ve been tweaking this blog accordingly and I’ll upgrade as I can afford it.  To that end, I’ve monetized and will now include links to products for which I will received a kick-back at not cost to you.  This income will also help pay for Indie Author expenses, like editing.


My Posts

***1/13 – Finalizing schedules & making changes, so this part’s a mess right now.***


Sundays are for updates, encouragements, and showcasing books and magazines and such that don’t fall into my focus categories for the rest of the week.  I’m so terribly curious about so many things it’s hard for me to focus!

Tuesdays will feature a substantial post with opinions, fun resource, and helpful resources on the topic of

Thursdays will be for Book Events, though this tends to shift around depending on which tour I’m hosting for whom.

Fridays are for Book Reviews.

And Saturdays are

My topic categories are linked to with an image at the bottom of the blog, such as this one for my books and short stories-NewbloodPromothumb

I’ll post seasonally to update you on what I’ve learned and preview my plans for the next two or three months.  Sometimes I stumble on really great resources for other authors and bloggers.


I’m an Affiliate for Dreamstime, Draft2Digital, and eBay.

The Monthly Book Review List


I don’t always read and review the books I want to in order and exactly when I want to, but I do try very hard.  Honestly, I’ve had a very hard time finding a book to love from a major publisher and in the New Release category.  I’m just not the kind of girl to go along with what the crowd likes, I guess.

January 2020

HER ALASKAN COWBOY by Belle Calhoune



I’VE GOT YOU, BABE by Lynnette Austin


February 2020


I’m feeling the draw back to Western Romance.  Have you ever watched the show GHOST TOWN GOLD? It only ran for, like, one season, but we love it and watch it over and over, all about a couple of guys who scour the Old West for antiques from the era.  Very cool.  That link is to the show on Netflix.  😉

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