A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR A Nanny’s Story by Brenda Ashford


spoonfulofsugarThis is the autobiography of a real nanny, educated at the world-famous Norland College and on the job for 62 years! It starts with her childhood in the 1930s and goes into the details of her education. From what I hear, Norland College is the same today, but modernized. I read it cover to cover. britishnanny

It’s a real and more fun history than The Unnatural History of the Nanny, probably because it’s a personal story.

Also, it’s not the ‘nanny scandal’ type of read either, or the bitter nanny memoir, both kinds of stories do nothing to share the real, enjoyable, rewarding profession I love.  Except.  They can be useful in learning about what not to do.  But, I digress.  Seriously, I digress a lot and on a regular basis.


This book is extremely valuable for anyone wanting to become a truly professional, top-notch nanny, the kind I call Nannies of the Sacred Code.  And I do mean anyone.  Nannies are human beings (except the computer generated one in my Space Opera novel and the dog in Peter Pan) and, as such, they come in all types of humans.

This beautiful photo was found at Pexels.



Daily Mail’s Article on Male Nannies

Since children are little humans, they benefit from being cared for by a variety of humans too.

Most nannies do not wear uniforms anymore, though many do abide by a dress code, like at my alma mater.


Especially the ones who want to be the best of the very best.  Back in the day, it was challenging for my fellow American nannies to embrace the concept.  Which brings me to my favorite quote from A Spoonful of Sugar.  Fittingly, it’s from Miss Whitehead, then principal of Norland College

“You are given the uniform, having promised to wear it that you may demonstrate to the world that you are a member of this institute, which has the highest ideals.  Among them is an awareness of the great responsibility it is to bring up little children to be true and good, to enable them to be men and women of the highest character.”

To translate into modern American terms-

Be Freakin’ Awesome.

Don’t settle and just slide by.  You’re way better than that.